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  1. Hey, I am about to get the Exige FE 420 next week It will have a 50/50 road & track use. I want the car to be rotating in the way into a corner and be a tad oversteery on the way out and on power. Given this, can I ask what you think of the attached alignment? Cheers, S
  2. @Jcx would not be worried about the upcoming recession bringing the market down though? I have considered an HP buy too, but the APRs there are not that great either, even if one puts down 75% of it. It is actually higher % but less total credit cost if that makes sense.
  3. Hi All, About to buy an Exige and have been offered finance at ~9% for PCP. What do people think about the rate? I know they were much lower, but given circumstances, what do you think? Cheers, S
  4. What a bloody nice car you got there mate! If I were leaving up there like you, I would be at the Lakes and Peak every weekend for coffee… London though is such a pain to get out of or find anything remotely interesting
  5. Thank you Bispal! Exactly the context I was looking for. Appreciate you took the time 🙂
  6. That is very insightful actually! A couple of last questions for the McL guys. What would be the extra maintenance and running costs in terms of £££ per year? Also I have seen some in the market and they tend to have way to many prior owners.. why aren’t people sticking with them?
  7. Top choice! May I ask how you compare the driver engagement between the Cup and the McL? (Not asking about speed, build quality, comfort or maintenance costs as I know the answer to those 🙂)
  8. Why did you sell? P/xed for something else?
  9. Thank you all, so that then should all be very manageable then! I had a scare there for a moment.. Can I ask a couple more pieces of advice? Do you know any Lotus friendly insurance? I am 6'2-6'3. Are there any types of helmets that might be like-for-like more compact so that I can fit for track days? What gloves do you guys use for track days? Cheers, S
  10. Are you serious? How long will you have to wait?
  11. Ah yes, the second battery is a good easy solution with the trickle charger then kept at home and charging the second. Do you usually order from Lotus?
  12. Is it true that the battery of an Exige FE lasts only a couple of weeks, if not driven and on a trickle charger? I do not have access to a power outlet in the communal garage, so how would I resolve that if that is true? I mean I would drive the car every now and then but sometimes it may stay more than a couple of weeks not driven.. Sorry for the stupid newbie question, but kind of panicking at the moment..
  13. That is such a nice car! Btw guys, do you think that the Orange may be much more affected by dirt (i.e. have to wash more frequently) and stone chips?
  14. People, Need your help! Which colour would you buy in an Exige: Metallic orange or Vortex Grey? What would you buy? Which is easier to maintain? Examples below:
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