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  1. I like the wheels...nice!
  2. So I somehow removed the front latch and put it back again. Then as I was on the motorway, I noticed it was flapping, so I stopped and secured it properly. After that, I can again lock the car using the remote. Was my first proper motorway trip on the Exige, approx 300km each way. Was really really hard not to drive below 150km/h the whole time... the car just invites you to push and push... need to be careful else my driving license will disappear very quickly... Thanks again for your help, that was super helpful.
  3. Sorry.. been trying to open the front latch for a while with no success. I see there's a sort of black that the lever you are referring to ? Do I just need to push it in ? Is there a picture of it anywhere ? Sorry if it sounds a bit stupid. Will be driving to Milan tonight for dinner and not to happy to leave it unlocked for hours while it's parked somewhere 😕
  4. Sorry I read a few comments about the front hatch. How do you even open it ? Thanks
  5. I have never even tried to open the front hatch. I suppose I'll need to tell the dealer when it will be time for the yearly service.
  6. Thanks. It does this religiously anytime I try to lock it. Also, I think I noticed most times the car self locks. I now always leave it unlocked, but I think most times I find it locked a few hours later or the day after. Is that possible ? Thanks
  7. Bought a 430 Cup few months ago. I used to lock and unlock it easily the first few weeks. Now I'm just leaving it unlocked as everytime I try to lock it, it will beep twice and then start honking like crazy every minute or so. What's the trick ? I don't have the manual with me. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the link - I ordered what I think I need
  9. Thanks, but no, I'm looking for the proper one, the original one. Any idea how to purchase it ?
  10. Hello guys, while driving over some sort of speed bump, I completely effed up the rubber strip below the front carbon lip. Does anyone know the part number or where I can buy a replacement ? I have a feeling I may have to buy a few, just in case. Thanks in advance.
  11. Coming from Ferrari...I've got to ask.... are you worried about resale value ? Is that where you are coming from ?
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