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  1. Did a bit of reading around (this thread included) and ordered Toyo r888r's for my S3 Happy to share my average Joe thoughts on them later in the year.
  2. Currently booked Spa 14-07 LoT (Visit the Nordschleife in-between) Zandvoort 18-07 LoT
  3. Going to be a great way to start a week long euro holiday coming to the best circuit in the world. I'm sure this will be the highlight of the year for myself.
  4. New to the forum and only have one year under my belt of Lotus Ownership. My elise and I are based on the south side of Edinburgh. Don't get out in it too much but currently amidst planning a road trip for in the summer which should tick a few boxes. Go easy on me if I ask some daft questions, but from a quick look there seems to be a wealth of knowledge and advice here... cheers
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