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  1. Thanks Andy, seems the best course of action is to do this when I get around to doing the very crumbly headlining - hopefully in the next few months. Going to make an awful mess and I may as well do one big PITA messy job in one
  2. Many thanks, didn't think it was looking obvious 😃
  3. I need to replace the old faded carpet on the parcel shelf. Before I start taking things apart to find out the hard way, does anyone know the best way to remove?
  4. Doesn't sound great, you probably need to fix the binding as well before risking wrecking again. Some progress on mine. I've dismantled, glued the break and plastic splints in on both sides. Actually, using Damp Proof Course for splints - it was around and thin enough with some texture to grip to. Just waiting for everything to dry now, taking longer than the 15-24 hours, but this is English weather. Fingers crossed! Ps. I've used JB Weld Cold Weld.
  5. Thanks. I'm planning on pulling the latch out at the weekend and seeing what I can do. Pins is a good idea if I can, but looks tight. The slotted head bolt was me earlier in the week. The latch stopped working a few weeks ago. I took the door card off and found a broken zip tie in the door, so assume that was the problem. So, used a nut and bolt that we had, then snapped a day or two later
  6. Thanks Andy, must admit, I'm lost with that 😕. Wouldn't I just have two broken handles? In the meantime, I've spoken with Mike Taylor at Lotusbits. He may be able to fix or replace. Also, the good news is that he's planning have remanufactured door handles sometime soon - no dates yet, depends on how well the pre production samples go
  7. Hi Pete, yes, with the white residue, it does look like someone's tried in the past. It's the driver's side. I will pull it out at the weekend and have a better look when I have more time, but not optimistic. Cheers Steve
  8. Thanks Andy, unfortunately I think you are right. If I can't add material, I can't see epoxy glue will hold. Cheers Steve
  9. Hi, the plastic connector on my 88 Excel exterior door handle has snapped - a tad irritating! Please see photo below. Knowing these are difficult to source, does anyone have any experience with a repair? Was wondering if it was worth glueing with JB Weld or similar, or just a waste of effort and buy a used one from lotusbits? Cheers Steve
  10. Hi Richard, I had no idea that you in the management, thank you for getting back on this. I just tried creating an account with my Hotmail email address and had this: The email address you entered is not allowed to be used. You have incorrectly sorted the items to the correct list of the confirmation question. Please note that you will need to enter a valid email address before your account is activated. The administrator will review your account and if approved you will receive an email at the address you specified.
  11. Lol, the Excel isn't much good towing a 3.5t horse box though 🙂
  12. Jeeps are great cars, but absolutely opposite end of the spectrum from Lotus of course. Hopefully see you there with your Evora 👍 Cheers, Steve
  13. Fantastic, will do my best to be there. There are definitely some bits that I'm going to need and meeting other owners is always good. New exhaust and possibly (hopefully not 🤞) exhaust manifold have just appeared on the list. ps, you have a jeep as well? My other baby is a Wrangler JKU
  14. Thanks Pete, I wasn't very clear. Understood Donnington is a historic race day, but is a bit of a logistical challenge. Hopefully I will get along to the Castle Combe track day as a spectator. All the best Steve
  15. Hi Richard, Many thanks for the welcome. Will have a look at Donnington. Maybe too soon into ownership for a track day though, but has definitely sparked my interest in getting some real experience with the car and how it handles. I did try to join the grand tourers forum @ but Hotmail and Gmail accounts are blocked and can't use my work email to join. I I'd email the admin, but no reply :-(. All the best Steve
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