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  1. Haha excellent the corgi toy above is exactly why i asked ! When i was a young lad i had one and thought it was so cool . Got me thinking as a new elite owner there must have been an influence for corgi.
  2. Does anyone know if there was a JPS elite produced or was it just esprit?
  3. Hi all, im sorting the seized solid drum brakes on car. Ive had much difficulty as their seized up from a 10 year lay up. Anyway ive now got access holes in my car which are handy . Im guessing once the pins are removed from the handbrake levers itll drop when all the bolts are out .Everything is soaking in wd40 but i was expecting to see a hole in the backplate to adjusts the shoes off but nothing !!!. Im fully expecting to remove the diff completely it would just be nice to know if this is usual ?? Seems crazy to have nothing there or am i missing something??
  4. Im nr lichfield, staffs
  5. Hello ,message me a price if you could please. Thanks Dan
  6. Hi all, im looking for an elite/eclat workshop manual for my new resto project. S1 elite 503.
  7. Hello all , just bought myself a new resto project. S1 elite 503 lagoon blue ( mainly primer atm)with black leather. Needs plenty of work but luckily has had a replacement spydersport chassis, suspension upgrades and gearbox rebuild some years ago . Im sure ill be asking loads of questions you've all answered a thousand times before so apologies in advance for that😂. 1st off im looking for an elite/eclat workshop manual if anyone has a spare to sell ? Thanks Dan
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