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  1. Found a solution that doesn't require removing them. As the vents are shared with Fiesta Mk7, the ford boys already have a load of these aftermarket vent ring gel decals in every colour and finish you could wish for. Very pleased with them now.
  2. To paint or wrap the silver ring. The silver matches nothing else in the interior and reflects on the windscreen on a sunny day... 👎🏼
  3. I've bought one! I'll post a proper introduction once I've picked it up... :)
  4. Hi, I'm after a 400 or 410 auto, 67 plate or newer. 2+2 is a must as I have little ones, ideally <15k miles, 1-owner car preferred. pretty easy on colour (they seem to look great regardless the colour! 😃). Budget is upto £61k - please let me know if you're thinking of selling. kind regards, Patrick
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