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  1. Gee, and I thought England only made the greatest car of all - Lotus Esprit. You people are the best. I wish I was not across the pond or I would have been in the thick of it with you guys. Well done. B
  2. Parrot stereo? Get the Norwegian Blue.
  3. Wanye, You are correct. That was not a Lotus I posted last. Maybe contact the top 20 car museums in Europe. It might be best to contact Ital or Lotus. One could just search for a long time before finding an answer. B
  4. Don't know if this helps or not, but it is great that Lotus is still developing for a discontinued car. B
  5. Pic is too large to upload, but here is a green prototype. It appears to be different in that the head lights extend all the way to the front of the bonnet. It is located in Modena Italy. B
  6. Many thanks mates. Here is 1041. The car was not originally black. Hard to tell what instrument panel is on this one. Price is $25K with 45K miles. This is the closest to the last one that I have found yet. The search continues.... B
  7. Seeking any help to put this one to rest. I have searched this forum and the net and cannot find the answer. I am looking for the last Federal (US exported) 1987 Lotus Esprit (G - car). Even just the VIN number would be useful to track the cars close to the last ones made. This search is similar to the quest for the "Silver Car". So, I guess this would be the 1987 Lotus Esprit HC (HCi / HCiP)? The Esprit Fact File mentions that the last models had reclining seats. I have seen those pics. Also mentions the more leg room was allowed. This may be my misunderstanding, as one paragraph is speaking of the 1987 Esprit G car, the next paragraph mentions the previous fact, and the folowing paragraph speaks of the Stevens cars. So, I am not certain that the middle paragraph is speaking of the G car or the S car. Maybe we should search awhile and possibly contact the Lotus factory directly if the search proves negative. Thanks, B
  8. I wish I was across tha pond with you mates. I would love to help out and maybe learn something useful for a change. I second the notion of taking at least some pics. I was following Bigsi's restoration with great interest, as I will most likely be heading down a similar path. Words are good, but pics are so much better. It would be a shame to lose a pictorial of an Esprit restoration. There is a show on the Tele in the States where they "steal" someone's car and have Chip Foose come in a restore an old car in a matter of days. They even have actors dressed as police show up and take a statement. Maybe you guys can contact some shops or even Lotus and have them donate some parts. Humans sometimes surprise. I say go all out. Give him the works. "New" everyrthing that can be done. Carpet, interior, etc.. Whatever feasible in a short amount of time. All My Best, B
  9. I almost got that car! Is it as nice as the pics looked? The only thing that put me off was the black interior. It is rough with black interior in the South. I hate to feel heat re-radiating from all around me. Shake and bake. lol. I am running down a few other cars though. B
  10. Some tired and worn adages stand the test of time because...they are true. A Lotus, Lambo, Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's "Flowers" or a PBJ sammich - are all worth what someone is willing to pay. "If I vere a rich man...."(hummed to the song on the same), I would gladly pay double the going rates for a prime example of automotive history. One cannot make the genuine article from decades past. Dodge is remaking the Challenger again, but is it the same car? I love the old ones better. Supply and demand. There is no longer a supply of these somewhat rare cars. A crash here, a fire there and the rare becomes rarer. When I saw my first G car, I knew I would own day. Soon to pull the trigger. Back to topic. Here is my line of reasoning. In the next few years, the new Esprit will again be produced. This will ignite interest in the older cars and demand. Prices will increase for the older models. Time will tell. But, as any serious instruction from a collecting point of view, buy what you love. If the price goes up, great. You made a bundle and sell. If the price goes down, great. You still have a car you love. As in the stock market the adage is to buy on the dips(think of it as a sale). I think the current Esprit market is on the dip part of the curve. Once the new beauties roll off the line again, people will start waking up and buying the older ones. Just ten years ago I could have bought an old Challenger for less than $10,000. Now they are upwards of $20-$30K(US). I look at the current state of Lotus pricing and I see "fire sale". Me, I will buy because I love the Esprit. B
  11. Here is a higher resolution pic of the side.
  12. Yes, I know. I was just posting a better shot of the Tartan interior to compare with the silver car. The seat material looks the same. Also, notice the TWO wiper blades. And, chrome trim around the front bumper perimeter(top and bottom) with black rubber on the front part. No worries. I have Scott, English, Irish, French and Native American heritage. Basically...a mutt.
  13. And the Tartan interior of the Esprit S1. Looks like the red car with the same seats. The interior carpet of the Silver car looks to be black though.
  14. Here is one I found with a clearer colour(sp) shot. So much for telephone pole throwing Scotts. The Lotus Esprit and Maserati Bomerang on the Ital stand in 1972.
  15. I have the same problem and have been researching a similar track. The sites I have read mention talking to a dealership that sells Corvettes, since most routinely work on that model's glass. The sites also mention that there are two schools of thought on either sanding or chemicals. A whole philosophy on which is better.... When we speak of gel coat - is this the same thing as clear coat( the clear coating over the paint)? I found a Esprit that has some bubbling of the outer most clear layer. The paint looks fine. My problem is - do I just remove the top clear coat and reapply the damaged layer? Thanks, BB
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