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  1. Yes your probably right just a shame this part of the production process wasn’t updated alongside the introduction of robots. I imagine a room where the gear boxes are being taken apart and filed down by hand ☹️
  2. I went on the factory tour and was told that the Toyota gear box is not made to order but is a standard Toyota box that has to be machined and adapted to fit the Emira once it reaches the Hethel factory which didn’t make sense.
  3. Only distressed sellers are likely to be moving over the next 12/24 months which will limit your choice when looking. As we are now in a falling market buyers are likely to offer below your asking price putting you in a weaker negotiating position. Probably best to wait until there is more stability in the market unless you take a gamble and move into temporary accommodation until the ideal property becomes available. Prices have been forecast to fall between 15 - 25%.
  4. I would never base my choice of car on the rate at which it will depreciate in the future. Looks, performance and value for money at the time of purchase is all that counts.
  5. Just ordered mine in nimbus grey as a memento of the car that I might own at some point next year.
  6. I received the same email having been told two weeks ago that I had a build in December with delivery in January. This has moved to maybe some time in 2023 possibly.
  7. I am 5’11” and was required to wear a helmet at the Taste of Lotus event and experienced no issues with the headroom.
  8. Probably best you pay the £180 and base your decision to purchase on your own experience.
  9. Current car Jaguar F Type, previous cars Porsche Boxster, BMW 335i
  10. My thoughts are probably not as relevant as the recent “on road” review on Harry’s Garage which is available on YouTube. The Sport setup was the most compliant when cornering as you would expect when compared to Touring but both performed very well with no over or under steer so the choice will be down to your track/road use. Personally I am never likely to take the car on track so have opted for Touring to cope better with the poorly maintained roads locally. On road Harry said the Sport was a harder ride feeling some of the imperfections of the road surface which of course wasn’t discernible for me on track. The gear change was accurate and straightforward to use with the perfectly weighted clutch. The car exceeded my expectations in all respects and it received similar feedback from others that took part.
  11. 50% of the participants were not buying an Emira and were there to just experience the car on track. For those of us with a deposit down it was great to drive the car at its full potential which you would not get from a dealer test drive on normal roads. Given the purchase price of £79,000 it is a small price to pay and was a great opportunity to chat to other buyers about their Emira journey and colour choices etc. From previous posts I believe cars are on their way to dealers so test drives will be available soon.
  12. Blue without the black pack looks good
  13. Verdant Green looked quite striking especially with black wheels
  14. Attended the Taste of Lotus today at the Hethel track. Drove cars in both the Sport and Touring setup and they were sublime. The engine note of the V6 was superb and the grip, braking and acceleration were incredible. The quality of the cabin and overall finish was excellent so well worth the wait in these unprecedented times. Nimbus Grey looked stunning as did Verdant Green with privacy glass and black wheels.
  15. In April I was given a build month of October but checked today and it has now been pushed back to December with delivery in January.
  16. I don’t think it is so much the quality of the leather it is the structure underneath
  17. Sagging seats has come up before on the forum. It would be nice to know how they are constructed and whether there is an issue as we don’t really want to be taking the car back under warranty
  18. My sister in law has an all electric Honda which is so quiet that as a safety feature it plays the sound of an engine through a speaker to alert pedestrians that it is coming - so it could be worse !
  19. You are absolutely right. I purchased my current F Type because it looks stunning, sounds amazing and drives superbly on the road. If it wasn’t for the Emira I would be keeping it but was seduced by the Emira’s looks at the launch last year and immediately put down a deposit. The Cayman just doesn’t have the wow factor and nor does the 911. They both probably go around a track better than the Emira but don’t create the same level of excitement that has come across in many of the reviews.
  20. Wake up at the back Rambo it is an Emira
  21. Top Gear magazine scored the Emira 9/10 and the Cayman 8/10 overall
  22. This is the first time that I have ordered a Lotus having previously owned BMWs, a Porsche, Mercedes and currently an F Type. As has already been said if the Emira was a stripped out track car I would not be buying it so Lotus has achieved its objective and widened its market . I do still have concerns however over build quality, reliability and ongoing support and servicing. I am due to take delivery in November so hope the car meets expectations. In July I have booked a session on the track at Lotus to see how it handles. The safe option would have been a Cayman but it just doesn’t have the wow factor that the Emira has.
  23. I know the feeling I am sticking with nimbus grey but switching from a black interior to tan having seen this image
  25. I won’t be driving mine on a track so quite happy to completely discount the EVO track review and share Harry’s excitement at just getting behind the wheel and blasting it down a deserted B road. It’s a beautiful looking car and the V6 sounds superb so still very much looking forward to taking delivery in November.
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