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  1. A friend of mine bought this car from Paul Matty's, not long after it appeared in EVO magazine, where as Bazza says it was compared to an exige. I have a copy somewhere, think it was published in 2004 and the article also featured Roger and Matt Becker. The car was in lovely condition, drove well and my friend enjoyed it for some years before selling. He didn't sell to Bell and Colvill, but I remember seeing it had appeared in their showroom. Originally it had half sand leather, but I believe it has been retrimmed in full leather.
  2. Hi Everyone, PO had fitted BOE CAI, however the vacuum hose arrangement doesn't look right. Car is MY12 NA. The red vacuum hose to the exhaust flap solenoid valve and the hose off the inlet manifold are not connected to anything - see pic. The vacuum switching valve is electrically connected but has no hoses connected which I think is correct. The BOE fitting instructions are not too clear on this (to me!). I think the red exhaust flap hose should connect to the inlet manifold take off?
  3. Hi Colin, It's a n/a, manual, full MY12 spec.
  4. Hi, Yes. Quite rare on an evora I think?
  5. My new acquisition. Can't believe I've finally got one!
  6. Gavin Hamson

    Red Excel

    Guess that was me - on the way to Nick Fulcher for some trimming work.
  7. Anybody know the recommended tightening torque for the front top wishbone stud (the one that passes through the chassis and holds the two wishbones). Cheers, Gavin.
  8. Heading towards Maidenhead on the A308 around 8.00 this morning.
  9. spritzer, A friend is selling his mint 1985 turbo. Its in Calypso red (virtually unmarked and original paint) with half tan leather and glass removeable roof. Belt service last year by Lakeside engineering, just had an oil service and check-over at Paul Matty's who originally supplied the car. Large service file and history. Car was used in an article for EVO mgazine (EVO 085). Hard to find one as nice as this. Mail me if you are interested and want further info. Cheers, Gavin.
  10. H reg. red Stevens - looked very nice! You pulled out of Gallys Road on to the A308 heading towards Maidenhead. I was in the red excel.
  11. .......broken down(?) on the layby going through the roadworks near Langley last night (17th Dec.). Looked like a V8.
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