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  1. Your comments noted. But if enough people complained we may gain some traction
  2. Attended the Festival of Speed this week and took the opportunity to visit the Lotus stand and vent my frustration regarding the Lotus/Aim saga on FE cars I spoke to the Retail Development Director who was unaware of the issue but agreed to ‘take ownership of my concerns’ and will investigate and come back to me. I have also spoken to B&C the supplier of my car and they are also addressing this matter with Lotus. I would encourage all FE owners to continue to berate their dealers and Lotus direct to resolve this pathetic situation. I’ll give an update as and when I get a response.
  3. Thanks for the info MrD. Things like this can quickly escalate into a blame game.
  4. Yes that’s right its a simple mod. Unfortunately I have a harness bar. So the seat is on the floor and tilted until it touches the harness bar. It a compromise between headroom and leg room to allow heel&toe. Did think of doing the steering column mod which may ease getting in and out but the plastic column covers stay in the same place still hampering heel&toe only option would be to remove for trackdays. Only other idea is to see if I can find a seat with a thinner base.
  5. Good to meet up with you. As discussed B&C we’re only able to supply the floor mounting rails as the side brackets have been out of stock from Lotus for over six months ( understand they are in the process of changing supplier). I have given up with them as when I placed them in position they didn’t line up with the existing holes anyway. I have come up with a simple solution using two pieces if 20x20 box section which I will post up later. As tacticalisard has said the Seat can only be lowered about 15mm even after removing the carpet and sound deadening material but every little helps! i
  6. Good to know it’s something to keep an eye on. Had a Milltek crack on my VX Turbo a few years ago on track which scorched the bulkhead. Fortunately I could hear the change in exhaust note and was able to stop before things became more serious. Milltek weren’t interested in repair/replacement so got it welded up and it was Ok.
  7. Noise tests as we know vary due to atmospherics on the day so you may be lucky. Yes you can cheat a bit on the static by not quite reving it to 3/4 throttle and as at Croft not nailing it coming out of ‘Sunny Out’ where the drive by measure is done. I’d rather not have those worries. Hopefully the 2Bular will do the trick.But as I don’t do Facebook you have got me worried.
  8. Thanks . Bedford is not on my radar, Cadwell, Croft, Donnington and Oulton are probably my preferred tracks.
  9. Yes got a 2bular qp on order
  10. Having parted with my VX220 Turbo last year (after 15 years of ownership). My 430 Cup has finally arrived. Wow what a car can’t wait to get it run in. Looking to do a couple of track days later in the year but will need to sort out exhaust as it just blew 107 db static at Croft! Only issue so far is the drivers door won’t open from the outside which seems to be a common issue.
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