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  1. Hi, I have attached a photos of the two options, I went for the full front.
  2. Hello all, thought I would start a little project thread/ photo dump for those who are interested! I picked up the car 3 weeks ago and have just covered 500 miles. In love and if i could afford to drive it daily i would! I have a few plans, nothing major. 1. New mirrors, I find it some what comical how good the car looks and how little time they spent on the mirrors! 2.Side intakes, fancy some carbon ones as I feel like everything else is carbon apart from these. 3. Potentially some different wheels, this will be a long way if at all. That's all for now, sure il find something else to buy. As soon as i picked up the car i took it to Carttitude to get a full Xpel front end cover done, here are some photos after it was paint corrected and installed.
  3. Thanks, yeah it wasn't the most logical move 😅 Thank you, Yes i am on a hunt for a soft top, the dealer kindly fitted the conversion. Thanks, Fire red really is a lovely colour, the right amount of sparkle in the sun as well. Yes i went into the Peak district on Monday, weather was average but got to stretch its legs. Well I'm off to York next weekend so may have to go via here, thanks. You may well have done, unfortunately I did not spec the car however I dont think I would change anything, was tempted to do the wheels black but in the flesh the graphite really pops. Well yes most of the public do love the car, however I have had some elderly walkers go mental at me, I think because of the sound they think you are going twice as quick, got a bollocking for doing 40 in a 60 as the exhaust had just come on to song! 🙃 Yes it was me! I was originally going for a vortex grey 410 sport however it was only a few thousand cheaper than this unregistered 420. I have just checked now and it is still for the sale with a price reduction of £5000 which is actually what I offered them. I am happy with my choice! I actually live in the city center, I had a little trip out on Monday to 'The Rams Head' need to explore more though as it was only a quick trip out. Id love to join you guys though, will get in touch. Thanks for all the comments, appreciate it 👍
  4. Hello all, first post as it’s my first lotus. I have wanted to get back in a decent car for a while, recently injured my knee and can’t do anything I usually would so thought now is the time to explore the UK in something a bit special. So decided to borderline bankrupt myself and buy an Exige 420 Final edition. Forgot I was 6ft3 with one operational knee but I make it work. If anyone could recommend some decent roads around Manchester I would appreciate it. Anyways…
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