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  1. The interior is cream leather/vinyl. Also a little shabby, there are a couple of spots where it's torn at the seams. But it's all useable until i get the time to fix it properly. Also, on the gear/flywheel issue. Managed to fix it without having to remove the flywheel. The non-standard starter pinion was not meshing in far enough so it basically ground off half the gear. I had the mounting plate trimmed by 3mm, and now it meshes perfectly (with what gear is remaining on the flywheel). I'll replace the gear wheel when the engine comes out next.
  2. Hi All, I'm new to the forum, recently bought this S2 in Australia (one night after one too many G&T's). It's pretty shabby, but still an absolute show stopper on Sydney streets. Now its time to get it reliable so I can actually use it. Seems the gears on the flywheel have been eaten. Any advice on removing/replacing a flywheel in the easiest way would be appreciated! Cheers Spoon nb/ the below pics are when I tried to drive it home on a 40deg day in rural NSW. Blew a coolant pipe and broke down. I'm thinking the $30K will turn into $60K pretty quickly 😐
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