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  1. I did have a chat with Will after seeing his post but it's not for him at the moment
  2. Now an absolute steal for someone!
  3. AMP

    Evora S1 NA

    I can think of one 😉, although not carbon grey.
  4. I appreciate white isn't everyone's favourite colour but this combination is stunning. Photos don't do it justice. When seen in person it 'wows' and is a real head turner on the road.
  5. New Autotrader link. Video walk around link below.
  6. One final reduction to £30,500. Service History: 1. Westover Sports Cars Lotus - 1,133 miles 2. Westover Sports Cars Lotus - 1,825 miles 3. Westover Sports Cars Lotus - 5,005 miles 4. Westover Sports Cars Lotus - 7,580 miles 5. Westover Sports Cars Lotus - 9,380 miles 6. Snows Cars Lotus Hedge End - 13,050 miles 7. Lookers Lotus - 15,834 miles 8. Lookers Lotus - 17,456 miles 9. Hoffmans Henley - 18,734 miles 10. Hoffmans Henley - 19,989 miles 11. Bell & Colvill - 27,191 miles
  7. This highlights some of the absolute bargains currently out there at the moment via private sellers rather than trade.
  8. Reduced to £30,995. An absolute bargain for the mileage and condition of the car - even in this climate! Certificate of Provenance can also be included.
  9. Price reduced to £30,995. Absolute bargain for the mileage and condition of the car.
  10. Haha, nope, that would be too much of a downgrade! 😉
  11. If anyone is looking for a lower mileage Evora Launch Edition then this is an excellent example (and I'm not just saying that because it's mine!) at 27,300 miles. I've covered 7,000 miles in the last 6 months including a trip to Germany, Italy and France and it hasn't missed a beat. I've just had it serviced and MOT'd done at Bell & Colvill. Full service history. It's a reluctant sale but I am open to reasonable offers. Alex
  12. Hi Rambo, I appreciate your comment about the number plate. The only reason for blocking out the plate on the photos is because it was another plate that no longer applies to the car. It's not a mistake that Y23 AMP isn't blocked out in one photo (so that people can check for MOT history). For transparency I will adjust the advert to state the current plate. Nothing to hide at all. An absolutely brilliant car. MOT and service done today at Bell and Colvill.
  13. Hi all, I've just purchased an LE Evora - I believe the original registration was HF59 AFO but is now on S18 PJJ. First registered 16th October 2009. White with paprika interior. Alex
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