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  1. Again, really poor for Lotus to not release its own pics of the car. Fits a golf bag! Is this meant to be impressive? Haven’t looked at SM for a week and now only conclusion from the pics is: it’s a re-bodied Evora, with bigger wheels, less power, heavier, not as good front end. Actually starting to look more awkward than an Evora. Anyone seen any cars being built yet. Delivery is due in 5 weeks time.
  2. I’d also heard that there maybe some press / SM folks with cars now. What cars (production or pre production) I don’t know. But given the angst in the previous TG and other reviews a month or so ago to emphasise they weren’t production cars, I struggle to think Lotus would do the same again, so close to the delivery of production cars. In any case, at least some random people will be able to give their opinion about the Emira on or after 22 June at a LDA day…perhaps weeks or more before anyone who has already paid the full deposit and will actually buy one will have the privilege. Re calls about delivery options, had that a while back. Just waiting for the final call as I understand it, to have the pleasure of handing over some cash…
  3. Increasingly questioning whether I’ll go ahead with my July scheduled delivery. In theory I could be getting a phone call asking for a hefty deposit in 2 weeks time and have had almost no extra information since the roadshow October. The leaked stuff doesn’t do any favours as there’s nothing particularly impressive with what’s leaked, including the recent acceleration video (beyond seeing the colours). Then there is the uncertainty of whether it’ll actually be delivered in July, so I can’t even make plans to use it until last week in August. All adds up to a bit of a meh feeling. Rant over. Anyone know if there will be any reviews of production cars out in the next fortnight?
  4. I’m confident the cars will be great to drive and sound great. Aside from everything else, just their experience and development with the Evora platform almost certainly guarantees that (despite the larger wheels). For me, it’s the lack of being able to plan for using the car. I should have been collecting in May, then June (had roadtrips planned for it!) and now it’s July. I was led to expect to see demo cars in showrooms no later than April/May and a lot of the chatter was around press reviews being released in Q1 and then again in the past few weeks, but now it’s May and still nothing…it’s one thing buying a car unseen/undriven by yourself, but there is the growing possibility that we won’t even have official pictures of a production car or a press review before we have to confirm our orders - If the July timeline holds. So, given the uncertainties now being mentioned, I’m now not confident about a delivery before very late July. Therefore, I’m thinking that quite possibly the first time I’ll get to use it will be September - glad I specced the Dunlops…but the ‘shine’ for me will have gone by then as it’ll be back to commuting on a train and the weather will be turning and will possibly only use the car between 10-15 times until Spring 2023… On that note, I’m sure they’ll be absolutely brilliant as daily drivers (but I won’t have that option 😩)
  5. Cheers Tom. You’re right, it is Denbies. Lovely place. We meet there irregularly very early some weekends. Everyone is either a current or former Lotus owner. Will try to get down to Newlands again for a chat. Even at £12k an M100 Lotus seems like good value to me. But won’t be allowed another just yet!!
  6. Many thanks for the welcome.
  7. A mate had a 410 Sport and absolutely loved it. An experienced dealer suggested the Emira sports suspension may well be along those lines, so that helped direct me that way. I won’t hold the dealer to his suggestion if it turns out different (which I kind of expect it to be, given weight and other differences between the cars). I’m trusting really in Lotus’ engineers ability to produce another great driving car regardless. Touring will no doubt be excellent, but I’ll not be daily driving it, so that was also a consideration. I'm not sure there’s a wrong answer on Emira suspension unless your main focus is track performance. Will there be a preferential re-sale suspension or other spec decisions? Probably, but I’m just speccing it for me. Although, again, I doubt there’ll be too much in it overall. Not like a Porsche - yet!!
  8. No black pack. Silver wheels, sports suspension, black alcantara with red stiching. Went with Dunlop wheels as I want to use all year round - this last choice may have been a mistake though as a mate had dunlops on his 718 Spyder and hated them with a passion. Hopefully these will be different. Very difficult choices to make though. Yellow with black pack was calling to me a lot. My family wanted the blue…dark verdant was also up there but I felt it would be too dark and I would have loved a tan interior but I think it looks too light for my preferences. The dark gray and lighter silver colours were out as much as they’re lovely, I just didn’t want silver or black(ish) for a change. The silvery colour does look amazing though!
  9. When was that ever a reason not to spend money on a car?
  10. If the Emira gets delayed any further then I might get in touch about an M100 An Excel sounds interesting. I recall chatting to someone who put a V8 in one (unless my memory is going)…
  11. Some photos of last & current Lotus cars I’ve owned. Big call was to swap the S3 Elise Cup for the S1. But it makes the incoming Emira a bit more digestible for the rest of the family who perhaps don’t share my hobbies. However, that aside, the S1 Elise is fantastic in its own right (as I’m sure most on here know better than me). I love the K series motor too. It’s got a lot of character, feels like a faster, freer revving engine where it matters to me, compared to the Toyota engine. Also, it’s perfect for the roads I get to drive on and holds it own in much much expensive company.
  12. I always loved the idea of a Lotus. The Esprit and the M100 Elan being cars I dreamt of driving/owning when growing up. The M100 Elan in particular I thought - and still think - is a beautiful looking car. I never sat in any Lotus until 2016 as I’ve a complete aversion to mechanical issues and breaking down! Suffice to say I was kicking myself after driving an Elise and Exige at B&C and now after having 3 over the past 6 years. Like you, I’m telling everyone I know how fantastic they are and they should avoid wasting their money on anything else! I still like to think I’ll get an M100 Elan (in either yellow, green or red) and get to drive an Esprit one day. just need more space on the drive! Will do. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for that. I’ll sort it out. Cheers. I came to lotus garden too late, just 6 years ago. ‘Put off’ by all the bad press. But better late than never.
  14. I’ve not yet looked into that as I’m just outside the ULEZ net and have no intention of going into it. But I do hear it’s expanding…good to know that it’s compliant - I had no idea! Thanks for the tip off. It’s a standard (ish) 118hp K series, so hopefully will be ok. I’ve only had the car 3 months and absolutely love it. Engine is fantastic, a real event to drive. Aim to take care of it for a long time to come.
  15. Hello. Currently have an S1 Elise, had Exige 350 Sport and Elise Cup 220. Have a magma V6 Emira coming in July (was June). London based. Decided not to be a lurker anymore.
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