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  1. When Paul Spruell was the go to guy for "exotics" in Atlanta, I remember seeing a JPS Livery Eclat Sprint. It was quite nice, and the way the dash had been modified was also gorgeous. I loved it, loved it, loved it. It was the reason why I bought an Eclat. Right now I am trying to find a front bumper stateside, as well as some front turn signals. Mine was is and always has been white with black Sprint logos on the side. The car came factory as a 4spd, still has the 4spd in it. Here is the odd thing: it also came with a 5spd as spares which I recognized to be a AISIN sourced box. As Excels as rare as hens teeth in the US, I did not connect that the Excel had a 5spd box from AISIN. I later ran into an Excel owner and the Excel owner let me take a look at his car on a rack. Whilst doing that, I saw that the gearbox for the Excel. Put two and two together. Problem is I don't have the correct bellhousing or the correct flywheel, pressure plate, or otherwise. I have a 5spd Lotus trans that came from a wrecked Eclat, but I've been told it is really weak. This thread fascinates me. Been looking for the Lotus Elite rebuild thread.
  2. My Lotus Sprint was going to be stripped for painting. I was advised by a LEO that the body shop was doing questionable things. I went immediately to pick up my car, and sure enough he had sold the bumper and front turn signals and the rear seats from my car. I later found where it was on Facebook Marketplace. I got it that day. Thus I need a Front Bumper & (In Bumper) Turn Signal Assemblies for UK or Federal Eclat. When I get that and get the car running again, I will get the interior taken care of. Thank you.
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