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  1. Took the Evora to take the kids to a Thomas the Tank Engine thing over the weekend. Pulling in to the car park, the attendants motioned for me to park away from the general masses on the grass and next to a yellow 997 GTS on the tarmac. When we came back to the car to leave the owner of the GTS also turned up with his kids and Mrs and came over to take a better look around the Evora and see if his kids would fit in the back of one also. Followed by questions around where it would be advertised when I come to sell it
  2. They're closer but it takes just more or less the same amount of time to get to them. They do all the servicing on my Exige so I know them well and I bought my 410 from them also. I was more thinking of just using a local garage, not even a Lotus specialist to check if there's a leak... nothing too lotus specific about that so long as they can find the points to connect to.
  3. It shouldn't really need gas unless there's a leak... and in which case the leak needs to be sorted first. The only exception to this that I'm aware of is if the system isn't used for long periods of time and the seals (particularly on the compressor) can then dry up and let the gas escape. If lucky just regassing and using the system can be enough to recover from this. I haven't ever turned off the a/c though and the car is used at worst every 2 weeks or so... so I'm guessing this probably isn't the case? ah. yea done that! I've suspected this was that case for a few weeks now to be honest but with the cooler weather and me often using the car early/late in the day it was hard to be sure. Thanks for that. Yes I think Pierre already replaced the condenser prior to my buying the car from him. Silverstone is a bit of a trek for me so maybe i'll find someone locally to vacuum test/ regas. The main reason for going back to Silverstone would be if it turns out to be a compressor related problem again as it should still be under warranty.
  4. Yep, always on. Never actually turn off the a/c button for exactly that reason. What's the window reset method?
  5. Hi, I had the compressor replaced last year and after that the a/c was cold to the point that even during the heat wave i'd have to turn the temperature up after a while as the car would get too cold. Yesterday though, just driving home in much cooler weather than last year's heat wave and the a/c was barely managing to keep the cabin cool. I'm not sure if it was actually even cooling the air at all. Any obvious checks before I give Silverstone a call and ask them to check?
  6. Will depend on what you want, materials, stitching etc. Mine was around the £2k for just both front seats.
  7. That’d be the work of Allon White.
  8. Washed (snow foamed then two bucket) and waxed today.
  9. I have one too if the above fall through for any reason.
  10. There's always Allon White too of course.
  11. I see it not so much as an either/or choice but more an ordering of ownership. When the kids are older they won't fit into the back of the Evora but I will be able to get them into a 911.... hence the Evora now while they do fit and the 911 once they outgrow it.
  12. You might get away with a booster. Looking at our kids height chart my 5yr old, last summer was 1m tall and from memory probably only about 12kg or so too and I had her in the back of the Evora with a booster. You're probably a bit far to pop over (I'm in London) but maybe someone else closer will be willing to test fit the kids in the back
  13. Have to agree with this. Far better of getting a cordless battery powered impact driver. Will be cheaper overall especially if you already have batteries for other tools that you can share and much more convenient to use. Apart from very expensive air hungry tools from the likes of Ingersol Rand, the battery powered one will be more powerful too (assuming you even have a large enough compressor to drive the more powerful air tools).
  14. I'd take those 15kg limit and requirements for a car seat with a pinch of salt. They are written for standard adult sized seats in most cars. How tall is your 3yr old? I would recommend you try with a booster first and see if they fit with the seat belt correctly positioned with one. The problem with any car seat/ high back booster in the Evora for me is that it pushed the child too far forward putting them closer to the seat in front with no way to change that and less time for the seat belt to do its job in the event of an accident. Where are you based? Any local Evora dad's that can let your kids have a test fit, maybe even with boosters/ car seats?
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