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  1. I’m not sure the prices will drop. Normally I would have expected them too, not so much because of the Emira but because of the nose dove the economy seems to be heading into. having recently been shopping for a Lotus too though, the attitude from the dealers is one of “there’s no point in dropping the price as we would normally do that to clear cars to be able to get new ones in. Right now we can’t get any new stock so it makes no sense to sell what we have at a reduced price only to be left with nothing to be able to sell any more” I can see where they’re coming from too. So long as they are able to (financially) maintain that attitude the prices just won’t come down.
  2. With added complication with Lotus being that you don't know if any needed parts are available or how long it might take to get them! Makes a sorted car a lot more of an attractive proposition.
  3. Isn’t @GrahamW’s car grey with grey wheels? the throw away statement about the split in the dash and no clear pictures of that probably isn’t helping though. Likewise the details of the seats. might be worth getting the latch repaired too before selling? your advert is trying to be fair and point out the bad but it’s probably putting people off. I’m terrible with this too.
  4. Second hand. I think you’ll be fine if you buy from @Aimee Lotus Silverstoneor Antonia at Bell and Colvill (they have a GT410 in right now too). WillB as an independent for Lotus sales usually comes well recommended.
  5. Another Evora convert. Have you driven one yet? JCT we’re just hopeless about answering basic questions or even getting back to me promptly and this is with me trying to buy a 75k car from them. I’d dread to think what they’d be like to deal with if I had a problem with it later…
  6. Leeds I guess you’d use JCT600. I tried buying an Exige from them and really wasn’t impressed. Enough that I decided not to buy from them. Milton Keynes maybe you could use Lotus Silverstone? I’ve been dealing with Aimee over there for some work on an Evora and also considered buying an Exige from them and in both cases she was very helpful and great to deal with. What sort of information are you looking for though? Which car/model are you interested having owned a few BMWs (including 3 M cars) overall I’d say the Lotus ownership experience is much better.
  7. Where are you based as a lot of this will come down to your local dealer (if you use a dealer) or independent? I have largely dealt with Bell and Colvill and have always been very happy. Lotus has been a pretty great ownership proposition for me.
  8. PS5s aren't really very comparable to the Cup 2s. You'll be very oversteery I imagine if keeping the Cups on the front. Tried to have a quick look but I can't see much of anything available in a 285/30/18 that compares to the Cups. The sorts of things I'd look for though are Pirelli P Zero Trofeo, Toyo R888 or Nankang AR1 (but I'd get the Cups if possible above all of them).
  9. Doesn't look like its available any more bit of an old advert from 2020 so I'm guessing it sold some time ago.
  10. Yes that aspect of EVs does really baffle me. Seems so very half baked as a design! Its not like DC-DC conversion isn't a well established technology at this point. Why even still have a separate 12v lead acid battery in an EV.
  11. Hi all so it’s no secret that on an S2 Exige the battery would last 2 to 3 weeks before being completely flat if the car isn’t used or kept on trickle charge (or battery disconnected). does the same apply to the V6 Exige? I’m guessing it would? Just wondering if I should ask the dealer to install an Optimate fly lead and/or a discarnect before I collect. yes I know it’s criminal to not drive it at least every two weeks but sometimes I just can’t …
  12. That's been for sale on PH for a little while. Its not even the only LF1 available for sale right now. I recall when these were released there wasn't a great deal of love for them! Not sure how popular they will be now. At 81 produced I do have to wonder how many fewer that is than a non special edition Exige anyway! Wouldn't be surprised if there were far fewer produced in just Liquid Yellow or Burnt Orange.
  13. Thanks all. I’ve located one now, should have it next week.
  14. Its a good point about the look. I quite like the GT versions of the Cayman (in looks) personally but I wouldn't say its in the same league as the Emira (in looks). In that regard perhaps it should also be compared to something like an Aston or a Jag F type? Sure the Aston will be a lot more money and the Jag is probably a lot heavier but as you quite rightly point out, the average buyer doesn't select cars on the basis of specs like kerb weight or power to weight ratio. They wouldn't even care about lap times if journalists and marketing departments weren't constantly stuffing them down our throats. On the basis of looks a think a lot of people would take it as an alternative to an Aston or a Jag and quite frankly that demographic really won't care about the finer points of its driving dynamics. The single biggest thing going for the Emira is that it looks like at £200k car but costs £75k or less. The last car that did something like that which I can think of is the BMW i8. Not sure how much of a sales success that was for BMW but it was certainly well thought of by non enthusiast sports car drivers.
  15. That's really very positive! Much better than most of the YouTube reviews which were a lot more muted.
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