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  1. thanks for the tip. Will have to wait till I get home in a couple of weeks but I will do at least that if not take the door card off and check it over / lube the internals too.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Luckily turned out to be a simpler problem with the lock button not rising fully rather than the door lock. A bit of encouragement when pressing the unlock button from the outside of the car (with the window down) seemed to do the trick in getting it to rise enough to unlock that car and then the handles worked just fine.
  3. Hi So I'm supposed to be leaving in the morning to drive to Geneva... and I can't get the driver door of the Evora to open. I press the unlock button on the key and the lock button pops up (press it again and the passenger side pops up too) but pulling the outside door handle does nothing and feels stiff at about the point it should open the door. Trying to open it from the inside is much the same, pulling the inside door handle doesn't seem to do much at all. I have tried unlocking and locking the car again several times but no luck. When I lock the car though, I can see the unlock doors button inside the car all lit up. Pretty sure it has never done that before. What gives? Any ideas? Can this be sorted in time to leave tomorrow morning??
  4. I must be in a minority because I genuinely like the turbine wheels and would be quite tempted for a set for my Evora... but I'm guessing they're heavier than the forged wheels I have already.
  5. Nick, there’s a thread on SELOC with a company recommendation that has the measurements on file to get a bag made up.
  6. Thanks. I ended up getting some Panel Wipe in the end anyway and using that. Was a fairly easy job in the end and I did two coats of the ceramic just in case. Now to wait and see if it was worth it and makes much of a difference in keeping them clean!
  7. Maybe the first cars were LHD?
  8. I don't see it on Autotrader either? I think if you don't have it on either Pistonheads or Autotrader you're definitely limiting your audience. Just on the forums probably isn't getting the car in front of all potential buyers, just the hardcore Lotus enthusiasts. I made my reserve (just) on Collecting Cars, but I had them calling me trying to get me to lower the reserve in the last days of the auction. I wasn't ok with that unless they were going to pay me the difference! So I did get the bare minimum I wanted for the car in the end but only just. I wouldn't expect to be getting a lot more than the reserve unless you get lucky. I do think I would have gotten a higher price if I had just listed it for sale on Autotrader and been prepared to wait a bit. Like you I'm not sure about how relevant Pistonheads is anymore and almost certainly anyone looking on Pistonheads will have looked on Autotrader too, but I'm not sure the other way around would be true. Lastly, I'd the because of the colour you might need to be prepared to wait for the right buyer? Don't get me wrong I LOVE burnt orange, my 410 is that colour and my previous Exige S2 was burnt orange too... but on the Evora I'm not sure it would be my first choice.... it will be for many, and to the right person they will definitely pay a premium for it too, but you might have to wait a bit for that right person to turn up.
  9. That wasn’t my experience at all… anyone looking at Collecting Cars will also have seen AT/PH too. collecting cars will more likely push you to lower your reserve in order to ensure a sale (and them their fee).
  10. I've sold via Collecting Cars before and a close friend of mine owns Shooting Brake. Happy to share experiences. Bear in mind the buyer pays 6% (collecting cars)... which is a lot and is basically coming off the amount that ends up in your pocket even though it may not be you that pays it.
  11. They’ve become a lot more popular again especially with modern keyless cars which seem to be rather easy to steal! all my neighbours that have newish cars use them now after a couple of thefts in he neighbourhood
  12. Can’t help with places to repair the wheels or paintwork (at least not local to you, if you were NW London based I could)…. But I think gold/ bronze wheels would look good not an Evora I know but gives an idea? Couldn’t find any pictures of a blue Evora with gold wheels. should be noted though I have prior form for wheel options that not everyone will agree with. Here’s mine:
  13. I think the price is enough to justify the carbon louvred tailgate. Do it! My 2010 NA has the additional fan fitted for the Middle East market to help with cooling the engine. The previous owner @series_one had it fitted with an override switch and said to always use it when it’s hot and moving slowly.
  14. Another white one… not freshly painted like @Jovver’s but shiny new wheels and a nice new seat retrim
  15. Sounds like you're managing to get into a windows installer so XMP / RAM issues are unlikely as its at least stable enough to boot into an installation OS. You can double check this using any Linux distro and just booting into that from the USB (no install needed). I typically use Linux Mint for this. Assuming that works fine (and I suspect it will) the issue is either with the drive, or quite possibly just with the BIOS and what is getting setup as the boot drive and or the bootloader itself. When you reinstalled Windows did you point it to a partition on the drive? or the whole drive? that will affect how the windows installer sets up the bootloader (or doesn't) which sounds like is what is causing your issues.
  16. It would be nice for it to be as simple a wire failure but I was more expecting that you'd be replacing LEDs. The sidelights in the front headlight unit officially require a whole new headlight but some people have soldered new LEDs in place and Lotus Silverstone now have a new LED ring to replace the failed one. So yes while its supposed to be a non serviceable replacement part, it might be worth taking it apart and seeing if it can be repaired. Worst case it ends up the bin like it would have anyway.
  17. Any chance of being able to repair it? Maybe pull it out and see what's failed? I'm presuming its LED and not a bulb.
  18. @BulletmagnetGreat work with the magcode connector. I had been thinking it would be nice to have the charging connector outside the car but had no clue on a good solution for that. I think I will steal your ideas and do something similar. I can’t find the connector on Amazon anymore but seems available on eBay for about £60 for both sides. how long did it take to install the leads? I’m guessing you had to have the back of the car up on ramps to drop the diffuser?
  19. I'd be onto the garage to make them rectify the problem! Very generous of you to not do that.
  20. I think it usually more subtle like having already bought X number of cars before or agreeing to also buy some other cars that don't sell as easily.
  21. Thanks Greg. I don't have any panel wipes. Best to get some or will some alcohol on a clean microfibre cloth be good enough?
  22. I just had a set of wheels for the Evora refurbished. Have yet to fit them to the car but was thinking it might be worth ceramic coating them before I do to aid in keeping them clean. I've ordered some G Techniq C5. Instructions seem simple enough. Given the wheels are already clean is it really as simple as it seems? Wipe down with some alcohol/ few drops on the cotton pad and wipe over half a wheel at a time and them rub off with a micro fibre? Anything to watch out for? Thanks!
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