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  1. low price but a Cat D repair not sure the price gap to other entry models is big enough.
  2. Yeah it looks a good one, I think for a lot of people major purchases are currently on hold, waiting to see how bad it gets next year. Maybe the market will pick up after Christmas!
  3. Lowest price I have seen in a whille
  4. This one needing repair has come up. Im not sure how attractive the price is, with some of the low costs entry models there has been
  5. Yes the market does seem to be slightly depressed at the moment, I think its reasonable to think it will pick up in the spring when people look for a summer toy! - depending of couse what Truss gets up to in the next few months with the economy! Collecting cars says the reserve has been reduced, it will be intersting to see where the market us at the moment- sonebody might get a bargain!
  6. That looks like the one from Edinburgh that was on Autotrader for a few weeks at ~£27k the seller must not have had any luck and be in a rush to move it on, it will be intersting to see how much it goes for!
  7. Interior photos seem to have been added now bolster is showing wear but airbag doesnt seem to be too bad (from what I can see). Seems to be priced low. But maybe its a reflection on current market situation 😬. There seems to be a higher than normal amount of early cars on the market at the moment.
  8. Yeah it looked a good one and low mileage!
  9. Nice work! Did you get a good deal?
  10. Yeah that does seem a bit strange, I cant see that water mark on any other adverts on Autotrader. I wonder why they would use older photo's?
  11. Looks to be quite competitively priced for a low mileage example
  12. Still some low prices arround, going forward its not easy to predict the market
  13. I dropped the owner a message and he says hes bonding the mudflap back on, I wasnt sure what to think of that!
  14. I wonder if the cost of living squeeze is forcing a few more onto the market? If so may see a slight drop in premium car market.
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