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  1. Hi All, I recently purchased a 1994 Esprit S4 from a Lotus dealership in the Seattle area. Very well-maintained car and all stock. However, I didn't catch the driver's side body lean before purchasing. My bad. To fix I ordered four SPAX dampers (supposedly made for S4) from JAE in California and had the local dealership install. They recently finished but the front end is at least 1.5 in. (or higher) above stock height (although lean is gone). Rear height is fine. Car is still with dealership. JAE is in process of contacting SPAX to remedy. Unfortunately, I read other owner's stories (here on the forum) about this SPAX issue after I purchased the dampers. Again, my bad. I was hoping this due to others installing on non-stock springs. But it looks like my fears 'might' have come true. Any thoughts?
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