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  1. Thanks Bob, The revs noticeably alter when switching the air con on and off, the gas was filled as per the spec in the service manual (I gave them a copy). Unfortunately however, the expansion valve and drier were not replaced which may come back to bite me... Ross
  2. Yes, to check for leaks - diagnosed as condenser leaking. It did look a mess of bulges and green stains. Now filled with refrigerant as per the service manual.
  3. Thanks, I’ll take a look when I can get under it. The other thing that’s been mentioned to me is the thermal expansion valve (TVX)?
  4. Hi all, I’m after some air con advice… It didn’t work when I bought the car (2009 NA) a month ago so I checked the fuses and relays and cleared all the codes with no success. I therefore took it to my local garage who diagnosed a leaking condenser by filling the system with nitrogen. They fitted a new condenser but still no joy (other than it now holds gas). I’ve cleared the codes again, as the spanner light was on, and now the compressor clicks in and out as requested but no cold air… Any ideas on where to look next? Thanks in advance, Ross
  5. Hi Bob, It is also Quartz silver, so I am guessing it’s one of the other three. There’s one launch edition badge with it, but it’s not attached so I’ll sort that. Ross
  6. Many thanks I'll speak with ES Many thanks. The seats are actually good - looks like they've had some work as there's oyster coloured overspray... The rest of the car is best viewed from around 10 feet
  7. Hi all, So... I've bought a reasonably priced Launch Edition Evora (pics attached) as big brother to my S1 Elise. However, being reasonably priced it does require a fair amount of TLC! Focusing on the mechanicals I will be changing all fluids (Engine, gearbox, coolant, clutch and brake), filters, spark plugs along with gear selector adjustment etc. But in addition to this I do have some stumbling blocks I hope I can get some direction on: - It has no rear view mirror (just the plinth). Any idea where I can get one from as I have drawn a blank with google searches? - The undertray will obviously be coming off for various bits of work, so following my approach with the Elise I want to renew all fixings as I remove them with stainless versions. Is there a kit of undertray fixings? - The aircon doesn't click in and this is in conjunction with the spanner light being lit for about 30 seconds on start up. As a starting point (read - cheapest potential fix) I intend to have the codes read and then cleared, does anybody have experience of fault codes related to air con? Many thanks in advance, Ross
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