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  1. Also another US buyer, I sent a DM to Bibs and Bell & Covill to see if I can order one
  2. That's what I'm looking forward to! I could do that but I'd rather hire an S3 Exige as thats my true dream car and the reason I own a 400 (a couple of us US owners are working on legalizing them here), but I'd rather take my own for sentimental reasons (and no backseats in the exige!). Shipping will probably be at least 1k USD each way via RoRo shipping, but it'd be worth it for a trip of a lifetime
  3. Hello, I'm interested in shipping my 18 Evora 400 back to the motherland for a 2 week family vacation with the wife and 2 year old. My plan is to ship the Evora from DC/Baltimore about a month or so in advance, fly into London, pick it up from Southampton or London (whatever is cheaper) and make a tour of the UK. I'd start off with a pilgrimage to Hethel and see if I can arrange a tour there, meet some of the staff, and show her (the Evora) her birthplace and then go north upto Glasgow and tour Scotland (and possibly go to a Lotus meet). Finally, we'd come back down south to Wales to visit my aunt in law and end by dropping it off back in Southampton/London to ship back. Wanted to know what the UK natives thought about this, would it be feasible? Is it a good idea? My biggest concern is road size, conditions etc in Scotland and bringing too much attention to it in remote areas (safety reasons). Taking the Evora to the UK is a dream to me, I'd even take it to the Nurburgring if I had more time. Some additional context, this would be my 4-5th visit to the UK, and I've hired a car each time so I am fairly familiar with driving there. My 400:
  4. Its a lot higher than the UK variants. And yes, I'm very well aware of what you're saying, thats what we're trying to do by getting another S3 model approved that would offset the cost of those mods. At the end of the day, if none of that is possible or cost efficient, I'll still have my 400 to fall back on thankfully. Its just the S3 Exige has been a dream for me and I'd hate to pass on an opportunity to live it.
  5. I'm hoping its the former given its a recent model and should be more compliant with safety/eco standards. I think anything above would be a no deal given the cost of the 430 itself, that would just be burning money at that point. I don't understand your second question, since the 430 is on the approved list, you'll just need to submit an application to purchase a specific 430 model to get it approved to import. I don't think the reason matters as long as its approved. You'll need to do it through one of the registered importers as the application requires to note the importer. Any idea how many 430 FEs were made? Doesn't seem to be one available any where in the UK but a few available in France, Germany and Australia, all north of $140k which is absurd for a Lotus. That's why a few of the guys from LT are trying to get a petition together for an older and cheaper S3 model. We have hope since the 430 was approved, regardless of how impractical it'd be. We've been in contact with some of the higher ups in Lotus and trying to put together a case. Although I'm not sure which S3 Exige would be worth petitioning for that would be limited to 500 models. I was hoping to go for sport 350 since they're more available and cheaper but I think it wouldn't be exclusive enough for NHTSA's approval. So I'm trying to figure out what model would be worth it, maybe the 20th AE? The LF1? Or 390, 410, 420 FEs?
  6. Yes for show and display, would need to be modified to meet EPA and DOT/FMVSS requirements. I'm assuming for the 430, it would be head/taillights alignment, side marker conversions, and most likely adding seat airbags somehow. Not sure what else would be required, maybe bumper work? I reached out to G&K Automotive services that does import conversions since they've worked on converting lotuses before. I submitted a price quote for conversion and spoke to someone on the phone and they said they usually tell people to expect around $10k for the entire process, I'm assuming that means import, conversion, and documentation filing etc. But who knows. Will have to see if we even get that far
  7. Got it, that makes sense I heard about people who do that, I wonder what the process would be to do that, and how insurance would even work. I live in Virginia which would probably be the hardest place to make it work anyways. Do you have any plans to get the 430 fe?
  8. For your cup r, would it be possible to street legalize it if you were to add the necessary mods to meet compliance? I know someone did it to their 2-11, it was track only and they modded it to be legal for street. Might be worth exploring
  9. Ironically, I would prefer RHD for the authentic experience (plus I enjoyed it far more than I expected driving in the UK). And I believe the FE models are far cheaper than the European model. $160k USD is a bit too much to spend on an Exige, not including the costs to import and convert to US spec. I can wait it out for a cheaper option in the UK regardless of how longer it takes. Unfortunately, it will have be the 430 FE exactly, not 430 or any other FE edition.
  10. Probably going to sound like a pipe dream but here goes... The Cup 430 FE was recently approved to import into the US under the show and display law. Which basically allows legal street use and registration with the caveat of only being driven 2500 miles/year with records of miles required and audits upon request. I'm totally fine with that as its a small price to have a legal S3 Exige here. Therefore, I am currently a 2018 Evora 400 owner on the search for a 430 FE if possible. Figured this would be the best place to start so if there's any out there for sale, please let me know, would be interested to work something out. Thanks!
  11. I'm not sure if you know, but the Exige cup 430 FE was recently approved for import under show and display, so yes, you can legally import one and register it for street use, only caveat being we'd be limited to 2500 miles/year. I'd be fine with that, only problem is actually finding one lol
  12. Thank you for the referral. Yeah these are pretty out of budget. I have an 18 Evora 400 here and was hoping I could sell this and use the proceeds + some cash towards the 430 cup, but it looks like I'll have to wait a long time, maybe years, for the price to come down and hope one pops up. Is there any where I can look for private sales? I'd prefer getting one from the UK as they seem to be going for a lot cheaper than European ones. Plus I thoroughly enjoy RHD, it'll give it the real authentic experience
  13. Hey 430 fellas, An American budding in here. Apparently, the US govt has allowed the exception to import Exige Cup 430 final editions to the US for street use under 'show and display' exception, which basically allows you to register the car and drive it within 2500 miles/year. Given this info, I've been really interested in pursuing this but realizing that it'll be extremely expensive and hard to find one to buy. So I figured I'd start out in the forums here to see if I have any luck. Any idea where I could start on my search, what the best place would be to find one and what price I could expect? Thanks
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