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  1. Thanks everyone, some helpful info there that I never guessed, the oil pump info is especially useful and the 3 core spec radiator. I'll keep pictures coming as we make progress
  2. I, along with a friend have just bought our first Lotus project being a genuine barn find as opposed to found in a garage with a bit of dust sprinkled over it at an inflated price. This is a 92 SE High Wing found in Suffolk a few weeks ago and below are some pictures of collection day and once we'd given it a quick wash and spruce up to get an idea of the condition. It's been standing here since around 2004 we believe, the owner going abroad and appears to have stayed away. Recent storms had badly damaged the barn roof so the farmer needed it gone so they could do the repairs and that's when we heard about it needing a good home. Amazingly, it has a full main dealer history from new with a fully stamped book and 76k miles with a recent gearbox rebuild but standing for so long didn't mean it was about to fire up 🙄 We got it back home and gave a quick wash to see what the paintwork was like and a more detailed clean later, apart from a small bit of damage on the offside front wing the paint has stood up well apart from a few stone chips around the front spoiler. It's a bit dirty and corroded underneath but the galvanised chassis looks good and no rodents have attacked the wiring either which was a result. So, our plans are to refurbish rather than restore and get her back on the road hopefully sometime this year but having no experience of the Lotus world I thought best to get signed up on here and start asking what issues we're likely to face. The engine turns over so that's a good start but has a leaking cam cover gasket, the exhaust is rotten along with the radiator and brakes are shot although we freed them off but the calipers look in a mess so looking to get a refurbished pair along with discs and possibly brake lines too. The fuel system is clogged with varnsihed fuel so that may be an issue, will the tanks be OK or are they prone to rotting out, are new one's available if needed? Is it straightforward to remove the engine as we've decided to take it out to check it over and replace any parts. It had a brand new set of tyres when parked but they are all perished so what's the best alternative available these day? It would be really helpful to hear what common issues we'll be faced with especially having not been used for so long which is never good but are these cars worse than other's and also any pointers on suppliers that are well priced and good places to find used bits too.
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