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  1. Cheers Paul. In the end, I’ve put the connectors outside the dust caps and done my best to wrap the connectors watertight. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hey Paul I’m just in the process of installing the Philips LED bulbs you’ve recommended and bought the same dust caps you recommended. Quick question. Did you stuff the larger connectors inside your dustcaps or did you modify the dustcaps so that the connected sit outside the dustcaps? Seems a bit tight to squeeze everything within the dustcaps and I’m fearful if I do try stuffing everything within it might all melt. Thanks Michael
  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Paul 👍
  4. Hi Paul I love your car, and your detailed posts! I’ve got three questions, if you don’t mind? Firstly, can you please let me know if you managed to sort out the transmitter signal issues? If you could have a do-over, would you have gone for the hard wired option between your camera & head unit? Secondly, like you, I think I’m not going to connect my camera to reverse gear, as I’d like to have the ability to turn on the video at any time, as a rear view mirror. Do I assume correctly, that instead of tapping the camera into the reverse light power supply, you’ve simply tapped off another power source, like the 12v power socket, and wired in a switch? Finally, if I’m correct re the switch, what switch did you end up purchasing? Many thanks Michael
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