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  1. Awesome! Just done this mod and it’s sooooo much better! Thanks very much
  2. With the huge wait times currently on the Emira it will be years before the market demand is satisfied. Any used Emiras will be offered with massive mark ups. I’m my option this will pull the values of evoras up further. I think now is the time to buy whist some are still of the option the the Evora will de value because of the Emira. Also, I believe inflation will push the retail price of the Emira up quickly, this again helping the Evoras case.
  3. Hi all, though I would add my tale to this thread as it’s relevant……and my first post (recommended this forum by the chap who bought my Elise this weekend !) I was a bit late to the new Emira and Evoras having only really basic knowledge of the early N/A cars. once I found out about the Emira a few months back I decided I would enquire about buying one… the time I was told to expect a 100-120 week wait possibly more if production issues hit eg parts supply. whilst mulling this idea over I became aware of the later evolutions of the Evora. My god, I had no idea the car had come on as far as it did! The later stuff is absolutely stunning! I had a look at a few at dealers and they look even better in the flesh. I then had an opportunity to view the Emira in the flesh. It is a beautiful thing for sure but it just didn’t wow me like the photos I had seen and the interior is I’m sure very high quality but to me it doesn’t have the bespoke look about it like the car it replaced. It all looks a bit too usable in a car that I want as a weekend toy. (These are all my opinion and I fully respect anyone who disagrees) So…. I decided that I would get myself an Evora, entirely thanks to the Emira I’ve now placed my deposit on an ex-demonstrator GT410 from a main dealer. It’s absolutely awesome, and I can’t wait to have it in my garage! So my opinion is that the Emira might well increase knowledge of the brand. Effectively bring new buyers in. I don’t think the evoras are destined to make money but I don’t think the Emira will have a big negative effect, and definitely not for the first few years whilst and used Emiras go on the used market well above list price
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