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  1. Hi all, This might seem like a daft question, but I'm currently amidst the usual stereo upgrade (Pioneer TS-WX010A but Audison Prima APX 4S instead of the usual Focal 100ACs due to the latter's aluminium tweeters). I can't seem to pry off the existing dash speaker grilles; they seem to require an insane amount of force, to the point of denting the leather of the dash (which should come back up with a little heat and time, so not too worried). Currently using a small flathead wrapped in a microfibre cloth. Any tips/tricks or ideas of what I might be doing wrong here? Cheers in advance!
  2. I should clarify, the modern/new Porsches are what I was referring to; the plethora of cooking 991s, Caymans and Boxsters. The old metal there was lovely!
  3. I'm mainly a lurker rather than a poster here, but parked next to and briefly chatted to somebody in a blue Exige 410 in my Motorosport Green Exige 410, a black limited run V6S owner (I fail to recall specifically what edition this was), an Evora owner a couple of times and the owner of the first ever production Exige ( very first Lotus Exige | Spotted/42321). Accidentally managed to convoy with @Gordon S's 430 in the same colour for on departure. Fun phone snap from my other half: Good day overall. That said, I'm not anti-Porsche by any means but seeing the same cars over and over again got a little monotonous...!
  4. Unless they've changed the locking system at some point during the lifecycle, the car will re-lock itself only if you unlock the car without then opening any doors/panels (at least, that's how it is on mine and I don't think there's any key fob configurability here!).
  5. It is likely to be your front access panel needing adjustment; my car is currently in for the same issue and as soon as I mentioned this behaviour, they knew it was this. Do you only notice this behaviour when the car is parked in the sun? In the interim (if it is indeed this issue and not something more simple such as an open door/boot/access panel as per Bibs' reply below), you can lock the car manually (i.e. inserting the key into the locks without arming the alarm).
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