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  1. As I own a 2014 Exige V6 without the convenience pack, I wanted to install the USB socket. The post of Alias23 inspired me to search the post (thanks!!), and the exact search needs to be "USB Socket Installation". Here is the link:
  2. That seems to work really really well! This morning I had a little ride and indeed the throttle pedal is more than a centimeter โ€˜lowerโ€™ than the brake pedal. I am putting this on my list of little winter projects! ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Hi Paul, Since this summer I own a Exige V6 and I encounter the same issues as you: appalling dim light and heel & toe is difficult. Regarding your accelerator pedal mod: how is heel & toe-ing now?? I ask this as it seems like the throttle response at low load is rather erratic. (Throttle response under load is fantastic however!)
  4. Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I only own an Exige S since recently and I have throttle issues and the OBD reader shows P2119 and P2104. Simply undoing the 2 connectors on intake system (the throttle body and the air mass sensor) and re-connecting them and the car seems to run fine. At least there seems a decent throttle response, even though it seems (even) less sophisticated than normally. Will make a test ride tonight.
  5. Hi all, The right hand rear upright snapped on my 2014 Exige S. The bottom mounting point (here to be seen at the right hand side) cracked, so the bush could slide for and backwards (at braking or gassing it). Bloody scary! Now this one has been replaced (under warranty, as I bought the car at a Lotus dealer), but now I see there is a noticable difference. The aluminium around that bottom mounting point is at least 2 millimeters thicker. This makes me wonder: do they all snap? Is there a recall? I am a little afraid that this happens again, especially if this is at high speed. Should I demand also the 2nd upright to be replaced? Any experiences and adice would be appreciated. PS. The picture is of the LEFT hand upright, taken from V6 Rear Upright Left Hand C138D4021F | EliseParts
  6. Hi Darren, Since a couple of weeks I own an Exige S and the headlight is shockingly poor indeed. I really thought something was wrong with the car. So I was looking for upgrades and noticed your older thread. I did not take the headlights out yet, so I struggle a little to fully understand what you did. My main questions: Can this adapter ring be installed without cutting open the headlights? Would this adapter ring also work with a HB3A LED light? Cheers, Matthijs
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