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  1. Hmmm... boots, legs AND a Lotus eh? :o)

  2. Guys! Guys! ..don't take this stuff so personally - it's just general motoring chat yes? Chill!
  3. Well I'm genuinely shocked that so many of you even consider watching Top Gear. Presumably most if not all LEF members are serious car enthusiasts and, with TG now apparently being directed by a team of 12yr olds, I fail to see the draw? There are plenty of "what shall we buy Dad?" type DVD's featuring Clarkson's clowning around for a bit of apres Xmas lunch 'entertainment' - but to watch it on a weekly basis is just, well.. Aaargh! Thank for reference books! ..bah humbug... I'll be reading how you all liked 'The Fast & The Furious' too eh?
  4. Gerald gets my vote/trust/respect/money too Fred - I popped in to ask if he knew of any local S3 owners (I live 10mins from GST Performance) and was there ages while he took time out to talk me through a few key S3 Esprit buying points - it must've been my lucky day because there were two S3's sitting there (Turbo and n/a) so he could actually show me things on the car(s). As well as taking my details so he could "ask around" on my behalf he gave me permission to ring him anytime, even out of hours, for advice should I be looking at a car for sale somewhere - TOP MAN!
  5. Due mainly to the well documented "disappointing performance" of the original S1 Esprit I've always thought of the n/a variants as being 'sports cars' whilst the Turbos are 'Supercars'. They are definately ALL exotic though!
  6. Despite this being an Esprit forum... For anyone who doesn't already have a copy I whole-heartedly recommend the book 'A French Kiss With Death' - all about the making of 'Le Mans' - it's a stunning book which is stuffed from cover to cover with insider information and excellent behind-the-scene photos and funny tales of daring do. There's a lot of technical data in there too - buy it!
  7. Don't worry they were fakes - both the 917K and the Ferrari were actually re-skinned Lolas.
  8. Somewhere on the internet is a photo of a fair sized warehouse crammed with all the '69 Chargers and cop cars they wrecked during filming - I suggest you don't search for it!
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..............................!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah I quite like it really but I just traded my Range Rover for that and some cash (to buy an Esprit) so I'm finding it just a little dull.'ll be worth it though when I find a Lotus!
  11. Well I hate seeing cars being ruined, same goes for films too - if there's a chase scene where a couple of cars get wrecked it hurts me to watch it! ...strange when I think about it because in reality, even if the cars miss all the obsticles and come out intact they're most likely completely knackered mechanically anyway! I must be getting old and wussy eh!
  12. Glad to see I'm not the only hater of that pointless programme - the original TG was a motoring show, the shite they put out these days is merely an excuse for more car destruction and so-called 'excitement' - I'd rather watch paint dry. Pathetic.
  13. I am offended by these remarks because I don't understand them!
  14. Mad Zero


    Nah - you're going on tour with GLC really aren't you!
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