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  1. Ok so is anyone going to tell me which rule it is don't like then? It's entirely possible that I've missed something along the way but as far as I'm aware ClubLEW is optional(?) - I don't yet have an Esprit of my own and I've sorted myself a nice picture for my desktop so there is no hurry to join LEW, in any case I didn't appreciate his 'genius' comment on another thread so I turned his offer down. Now why am I being accused of being in dissagreement with other members etc? ...and why are you now telling me how much effort and time he spends on this forum if not to insinuate that I am in some way ungrateful or unhappy with the results?
  2. I beg your pardon? I'm in disagreement with hundreds of members? How? I suggest you adjust your attitude mate - I joined this forum to talk about Esprits and share my enthusiasm for them with other like-minded people, not to get patronised and bullied into spending money on something I don't want. Furthermore, if you now regret providing this service for free - don't take it out on me okay!! In any case I probably would've joined ClubLEW had you not patronised me on the thread about Esprit 4 Sale needing updating - " doesn't take a genius.." maybe I'm not a genius mate but I know how to conduct myself on a public forum and be polite to fellow human beings! I hope other members will reassure me that being rude to people isn't a prerequisite of Esprit ownership?
  3. They won't? Really? ...thanks for the tip! I've only had 3 replies to my emails so far (all sold) and you're right, it doesn't take a genius, just email them and they'll tell you! I'll keep you posted on my progress Bibs.
  4. Nearly, following Bibs' reply I'm emailling all the ones I'm interested in right now.
  5. We need to email him and get him to do an Esprit for us!
  6. Six months? there's adverts on there from March 2005!
  7. Are all the ads on Esprit 4 Sale still current? A few say 'sold' but there's some real old ads on there! ...nice lot of pics though. B)
  8. As with most lamination you must build the thickness up gradually as the resin is exothermic and, as you've found out, will warp the preceeding layers - the usual mistake is to not give the first layer(s) long enough to go off so they fall prey to the next layer(s) because they are still 'soft'. If the mould a decent thickness (6mm+) and braced you should be ok though. You using a polyester resin?
  9. Hmmm... could be interesting? My current favourite eBay Lotus line is "...a man on a galloping horse would not notice it.." - used to describe damage to the paint finish on this Excel:
  10. The object of MPx's original post (pressumably) was to promote an interesting discussion about our own personal ideas of what we thought a true Lotus was - admittedly I'm no novelist, and I might not be able to get my thoughts across as well as some but I do hope this forum is truly open to ALL Lotus enthusiasts, however long they've been registered? (..I know who everyone is btw!)
  11. Yup, new to the forum but not cars(!) - you expect MJK to be objective? He's flogging them! Ok ok so you like the Carlton - I meant no offence (as I tried to imply) but for me it will always be a Vauxhall. Incidentally I have actually been for a white-knuckle ride in one myself and I do realise how un-Vauxhall they are!
  12. Yep, basically that's my thinking MPx. Take the Europa S2 kit for instance; it may have a Renault engine, MGB door handles and be built by a geography teacher and his son in Liverpool BUT, it's still most definately a Lotus! If, on the other hand a mate told you he'd just bought himself a Lotus and you hot-footed it round to his place for a demo you'd be slightly miffed to see a Carlton saloon sitting in his drive yes? I've nothing against other maker's cars wearing Lotus badging I just wouldn't ever consider calling them a Lotus. The cars that spring first to my mind when I hear the word Lotus are the Eclat, Elite, Esprit & Excel - i.e. exciting cars with flat noses! ..that's probably due to my age though, I should think a younger man would first think of the Elise!
  13. Oops! Despite my questions being about G-cars I've been moved! ...guess I shouldn't have used the word newbies in the title!
  14. Some more newbie-type questions to make you groan chaps (..this will also help all those that were afraid to ask!) - better to loose some forum credibility now than loose a lot of my money further down the line eh! Here goes my rep then.... 1. How 'quick' is a non-turbo S3? The only Esprit I've been in for any length of time(s) was a Turbo which of course felt VERY punchy, but how do they perform without the turbo, is there still enough performance to justify the bodyshell? 2. I've been persuaded (by all the sound advice and case studies on this forum) to forget about buying a minger to renovate and buy one in good/running/useable condition with perhaps some very minor tinkering required - but what should I be paying for a roadworthy n/a S3?
  15. Just screen-grabbed this pic off the Group Lotus website LOL!
  16. Nice find - definately THE Esprit to find! Spending
  17. My wife buys me an Autoart Esprit every year on our wedding anniversary so I've got quite a few now - the white S1 is still the most gorgeous IMO ..wish they'd made a non-turbo S3 though.
  18. That's interesting because I'm at the other end of the buying scale - I'm finding lots of lovely cars for sale but the prices are all over the place so it's very hard to make a judgement!
  19. I used to work with a girl called Sadie Nichols - I seem to remember her telling me she was your Dad's PA at one stage - does he remember her?
  20. Thanks for the links - the ones in the garage section were too small and the LEW wallpapers are for members only but I did find a nice shot of a red S3 turning into Group Lotus (cheers for the link Jussi!) - so thanks to whoever owns BCL754Y. The guy in the pink shirt had to go though - sorry!
  21. I've just been punting about on the net for a decent sized (1024x768) Esprit shot for my desktop without much success - how about some of you guys with shiny cars and nice cameras making up some Esprit wallpaper for us to download? ...mine'll be a red S3 please! B)
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