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  2. Have we met? That is SO me buying a car! I'm kinda getting the feeling some of you guys have seen the newbie Esprit owner thing happen before then lol! Right, well I'd better re-think my strategy a bit then and maybe see if I can get myself into a position where I can spend more on a better car - maybe one that just needs the odd little finishing touch here and there? Dear Mr Bank Manager, I wanted to buy a cheap car to work on as a project but these bigger boys at school have bullied me into....
  3. WayneB: ..yes but I don't drive them just sell them lol! 'Wheeler Dealers' (boring Discovery Home & Leisure programme) built one up a couple of years ago - they're still showing it now if you're interested! britten_mark: I hate you! I clicked on that damned 'click me' link, instantly fell in love with that S3 (it's in my bloody favourite colour too!), walked into the kitchen and asked the missus if I can borrow
  4. Not being an owner (yet) I'm not really qualified to 'advise' as such but for the record, the reason I would only consider a non-turbo S3 is purely because it's running gear is designed to take the power of the turbo so is in no way stressed by the n/a mill however hard you drive it - if I were after a Porsche I'd choose the 3.0SC for exactly the same reason. Peace of mind really. The way I see it the standard S3 is a proper sports car whereas the Turbo is a proper supercar so if you want to 'walk the walk' you'd need the Turbo ..which will cost plenty, but win you lots of arguments in the pub! Of course the guys with real balls are the S1 boys - respect! B)
  5. Really? I never realised I was near a Lotus guy - I'll check it out VERY soon! Oh and next time I'm driving my bus through Milton I'll try not to clip your Esprit! Incidentally, is anyone interested in a pilot scheme I have where for a very reasonable sum I can arrange to have Stagecoach busses not hit your cars? ....racket? ..what racket?
  6. Wow! What a welcome! Thanks guys - much appreciated. Thanks to for the advice chappies, I know all too well the cost of working on these things - really I do! Unfortunately I'll not have enough to buy a decent roadworthy S3 and cannot justify a large outlay on one anyway (it's a toy right?) so I'll be going the 'steath' route and spending loads of money but in very small chunks - as long as I don't expect to realise a profit if/when I sell it, and I go into it with my eyes wide open I shouldn't be disappointed! Obviously I won't waste my time completely by buying anything too far gone though - I'll be looking for one that's just been un-loved or stored - the condition of the interior will be one of the major deciding factors as this would be the most difficult area for me to deal with myself. There are a few other things in my favour (and don't think I don't appriciate your advice because it's all spot on guys!) - I have a fairly fully equiped workshop, a few connections at a local engine reconditioning firm and the ability to build engines. I'm also well versed in GRP due to my involvement with the buggies. The paint will cost me plenty though ...but at least I'll be expecting it to. chats371l: Yes it has to be a non-turbo S3 but thanks anyway. BC007: I live in Fordham. iainskea: You don't pretend you're 007 in yours then...? What a waste! Thanks again for the warm welcome people!
  7. Hi! Just thought I'd say hello to all you lucky Lotus owners and get the embarrassing 'standing up in front of the class' introduction bit over with! At 41yrs old I now fall into the category of 'to old to care ..just buy one!' because I'm fed up with dreaming! I've been a Lotus enthusiast most of my life because as a child our neighbour drove nothing else but Lotus cars, and I've been an Esprit enthusiast since watching The Spy Who Loved Me at the cinema whenever that came out. Over the years I've bought stacks of Lotus books (including most of the factory manuals) so I can speak fluent Lotus, but I've never actually owned one. My cousin has a 328GTB (you think Lotus' are troublesome?!) and his mate has an Esprit Turbo - this is the only Esprit I've driven for any length of time and I thought it was fantastic ..once I'd got used to the silly amount of BHP on offer. My plan right now is to sell my beach buggy business, my CB900FA bike and Ford 4000 tractor(!) projects, and buy a rough/broken non-turbo S3 Esprit to renovate. If I wait long enough to be able to 'afford' a decent one it'll never happen so this way at least I get to look at it in my workshop every day and sit in it making 'vroom vroom' noises when the mood takes me. Right well that's me - I look forward to meeting some of you guys and nosing around some cars that actually have their own motive power to spur me on with my shed! Lol! Cheers, Buzz. (Cambridgeshire, UK)
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