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  1. Well I'm genuinely shocked that so many of you even consider watching Top Gear. Presumably most if not all LEF members are serious car enthusiasts and, with TG now apparently being directed by a team of 12yr olds, I fail to see the draw?

    There are plenty of "what shall we buy Dad?" type DVD's featuring Clarkson's clowning around for a bit of apres Xmas lunch 'entertainment' - but to watch it on a weekly basis is just, well.. Aaargh! Thank :animier: for reference books! ..bah humbug... I'll be reading how you all liked 'The Fast & The Furious' too eh? :coffee:

  2. I can only to the comments about Gerald Turner, he's looked after my cars for 10 years now and is second to none.

    Gerald gets my vote/trust/respect/money too Fred - I popped in to ask if he knew of any local S3 owners (I live 10mins from GST Performance) and was there ages while he took time out to talk me through a few key S3 Esprit buying points - it must've been my lucky day because there were two S3's sitting there (Turbo and n/a) so he could actually show me things on the car(s).

    As well as taking my details so he could "ask around" on my behalf he gave me permission to ring him anytime, even out of hours, for advice should I be looking at a car for sale somewhere - TOP MAN! ;)

  3. Despite this being an Esprit forum...

    For anyone who doesn't already have a copy I whole-heartedly recommend the book 'A French Kiss With Death' - all about the making of 'Le Mans' - it's a stunning book which is stuffed from cover to cover with insider information and excellent behind-the-scene photos and funny tales of daring do. There's a lot of technical data in there too - buy it! ;)

  4. As an American muscle car lover I always hate it when I see the Dukes of Hazard. I almost cried when I read that, on average, they destroyed 1 car every episode and during the new film trashed 3 old classics! :crybaby:

    Somewhere on the internet is a photo of a fair sized warehouse crammed with all the '69 Chargers and cop cars they wrecked during filming - I suggest you don't search for it! :thumbup:

  5. Mondeo? Isn't that the new James Bond car?

    My brother much prefers his Mondeo estate to the 911 he had and to the E-series convertible.

    Should tide you over until you find the Esprit that's right for you.

    Yeah I quite like it really but I just traded my Range Rover for that and some cash (to buy an Esprit) so I'm finding it just a little dull.'ll be worth it though when I find a Lotus! :thumbup:

  6. Well I hate seeing cars being ruined, same goes for films too - if there's a chase scene where a couple of cars get wrecked it hurts me to watch it!

    ...strange when I think about it because in reality, even if the cars miss all the obsticles and come out intact they're most likely completely knackered mechanically anyway! I must be getting old and wussy eh!

  7. No offence kimbers but we have to be careful calling someone a person!

    A person can be defined by philosophers as a being who is in possession of a range of psychological capacities that are regarded as both necessary and sufficient to fulfill the requirements of personhood. These are, in general, that it is capable of reasoning, that it is self-conscious, and that it has an identity that persists through time. The English philosopher John Locke defined a person as "a thinking intelligent Being, that has reason and reflection, and can consider it self as it self, the same thinking thing in different times and places; which it does only by that consciousness, which is inseparable from thinking, and as it seems to me essential to it"

    The most obvious examples of persons are human beings.

    But not all beings who inhabit the forum are in posession of "of a range of psychological capacities " that enable "reasoning" and "self -concious awareness".

    So could we call forum users, damn :( , forum members, doh! :( , forum associate, cant use associate as associate is used in a mathematical concept in ring theory, and ring theory offends the LBGTs :crybaby: and so can we use a forum being?

    I am offended by these remarks because I don't understand them! :cry:

  8. I went to Ital Design (among other design houses) some years ago as a guest of Fiat and took lots of photos while I was there - I'll dig the prints out but I don't remember seeing it there, of course it might've been on loan to another museum/show/whatever - I'll let you know.

    Can't remember why but I've been under the impression for some while now that it's owned by a collector in New York(?) - anyway good luck with the hunt!

  9. Tell me you guys are only pretending to be annoyed/offended/bored/wound-up by this Teigan bloke?

    So he has a tendancy to blur reality and fiction now and again - surely that's freedom of speech ain't it? ...kinda forum-type stuff no?

    I just read all this thread and lots of Teigan's threads on other forums and found it quite entertaining!

  10. its a shame you chose not to read my post as it was intended, its not worth the hassle, and inevitable arguements etc.

    no need to tleave the forum, lets just brush it under the rug as a misunderstanding and have done.

    im sure you mature enough to do so, so why not take the first step and do so? it doesnt make you any less of a person, it makes you more of a person in my book, no-ones in the wrong as i said.

    let it be..

    trust me things like this seem so insignificant against everything else.

    i for one would still shake your hand at a esprit meet as i would anyone elses.

    fancy a cuppa?

    Sure, I'll have a cuppa with ya Simon - might as well make Bibs and Mark one too I suppose! Bloody Lotus!

  11. I'm not angry Bibs, just bitterly disappointed that you've taken my innocent (and possibly naive) postings personally and invented all the attitude I am supposed to have as it has ruined my enjoyment of LEF which, I'm still prepared to say (because it's true), is easily the most comprehensive and accurate Esprit forum on the internet. However, I'm not prepared to be treated like this on ANY forum so please end my membership of LEF at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks to those members who contacted me privately - I respect your annonimity but at least I'm not going mad eh guys? :unsure: Much appreciated guys, respect!

  12. Well, I am truly at a loss as to what I can say or do - nobody is even slightly interested in explaining what I've done wrong so it can be sorted - just more assumptions that I am in some way unhappy or wound-up about this mystery 'rule' that I don't agree with so I'm between a rock and a hard place - I mean it's not as if I've even made any complaints for goodness sake! I asked a perfectly reasonable question about the Esprit 4 Sale and got shot down for that - I reject Bibs' offer to join ClubLEW to get a wallpaper and I resented the attitude in his response to that, where's the crime? What did I do? Anyone?

  13. Hey, Mad Zero, that Bibs you're talking too. He runs the forum and spends hours and hours each day working on this forum, for free. It's his forum and he makes the rules. If you don't like them, there are plenty of other Esprit forums you can join.
    Ok so is anyone going to tell me which rule it is don't like then? It's entirely possible that I've missed something along the way but as far as I'm aware ClubLEW is optional(?) - I don't yet have an Esprit of my own and I've sorted myself a nice picture for my desktop so there is no hurry to join LEW, in any case I didn't appreciate his 'genius' comment on another thread so I turned his offer down. Now why am I being accused of being in dissagreement with other members etc? ...and why are you now telling me how much effort and time he spends on this forum if not to insinuate that I am in some way ungrateful or unhappy with the results?
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