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  1. Hi folks! I need your help again. I am done with the work on the suspension of my 92 SE HighWing, but the car is now 2,5 cm higher on the right side than on the left (measured at the top of the wheel arch). I did new springs, new dampers, new rubber seats, replaced all bushes on the suspension (Poly-bushes). I see no way to adjust the height of each side?! Can anybody help? What went wrong? Thanks, Patrick PS: the top of the springs have the same distance to the ground on each side….
  2. So it looks like I can simply replace it with a generic unregulated cat "off-the-shelf"....
  3. i have the parts manual that is available here in the forum. I think it's the ROW one
  4. Hey folks ! I have been offered an 84 Turbo in the USA, which I condsider worth looking at so it might be a future purchase! The owner told me, he had removed all the emission systems including cat. I have beeen looking in the parts manual, but couldn't find, what I have been looking for. Since the car must be a carb car, the cat should be an "unregulated" catalyst, right? So no oxygen sensor and fancy electronics?! Can anybody enlight me ? 😉 Cheers, Patrick Edit :Sorry, wrong category! Can anyone move this thread to Guigiaro/Exhaust?
  5. I think, this might help you out ! Esprit Gearshift ( After realizing, that adjustment was not possible I took out the gearshift lever and notice the bushings being totally worn. After replacement, they were stiff an precise again ! Patrick
  6. So I need to hurry when I want to find a S3 turbo for a reasonable price... Keeping my eyes open
  7. Having an eye on the recession tendency I am wondering, if prices will still ge "to da moon" or will normalize again. My wife is collecting pinball machines and we were expecting prices to drop after Corona again, but they are not. They have been rising for the last 10 years and no end in sight. Everyone is moaning about inflation but it seems there is enough money for luxury goods 😉 I am sitting and waiting 😉 Patrick
  8. OK, thanks for the clarification!
  9. I was contacted by Lotus245 in refernece to my OZ Nova search. He was talking about Mike Brewer (cbclotus) parting out his car but send me a direct contact to "Bryan Pearse". That made me wondering... So I contacted him and all seemed like scam. I reported it also to Bibs! So be aware ! Maybe a pinned thread in the Forum could be helpful ?! I think the guy tries to use a famous person(which Mike Brewer of course is) in order to generate confidence and tries to bypass the mails directly to a trickster. Patrick
  10. Hi folks! Can anyone descibe the difference between the SE rear hubs and the V8 hubs? If I got it right, documentation wise the V8-ones are replace parts for the earlier SE ones, but.... Someone said, they have a different handbrake mechanism. Since my rear left one has a hairline crack, where radius arm is connected to, I am hoping it can be welded but I am looking for options. First option is a set of remanufactured hubs (V8) from JAE starting at 3500$ plus shipping and tax/customs 😮 Secend option is a set of used V8 hubs, not knowing what real condition they are in. Can anyobne help me out with a reliable statement to interchangeability SE/V8? Thanks for help, Patrick
  11. I remeber a search for the correct color on my Mercedes SL500 wheels. To get the correct color ("Sterling SIlver"), the wheels had to be painted with a coat of RAL 9005 black and after that with the correct "sterling silver" color. Be aware, that might also be a factor with the OZ wheels. Patrick
  12. Let's see, if there is more demand for this special item (which a assume). Unfortunately my router is only 3 Axis
  13. I cannot really see an issue in increasing the output as long as there is an actual customer for it. That should even have positive influence on the price as well. OK, I shot Joe at JAE a mail, lets see, what he says. Steve from SJS told me, that there is a second manufacturer (Alan Voigts) but they refuse to sell those because of safety and accuracy concerns. Lets see. Mine has a 3cm long crack on the upper 10mm bolt for the wishbone connection. Gonna have an eye on that.... No one is willing to weld this for me yet.
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