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  1. Hi Leon, so how would the new tips be fitted? would the Exhaust pipe need to be cut and then weld the new tip on, and if so is the section before the existing tip straight enough and long enough to attach the new tip to the existing pipe?
  2. That sounds brilliant, if you could send me some pictures. What year model was it made for and fitted to originally? thanks kyle
  3. Hi Leon, I cant see a picture of what you attached, What is it from your loft? Thanks
  4. Thanks Bibs for the welcoming and kind words. I'm really looking forward to having some discussion's about the Evora's. I'm curranty looking for a better note from the exhaust, could you point me in the right direction on the forum? I'm sure it will be a topic that's been discussed many of times. Thanks Kyle
  5. Hello to all you lotus lovers from Huddersfield. I bought my Evora in December 2021, it’s always been my dream to buy a Elise S1 but as time went on and Lotus produced new Models I was also getting older at the same time, and my desire for the Elise S1 changed, and when they produced the Evora S1 in 2009 I knew that this was the car for me. Unfortunately, due to work and life, finding the time to own such a car was difficult, raising the funds for a weekend car was even more hard work. Time moved on but my desire for the Evora stayed with me. In December 2020 I finally devised a plan that would allow me to raise the funds to buy my Evora, so it was £0 to Evora in 12 months. I worked extra hard for a 12-month period and turned my dream in to reality and did it the good old fashion way ‘’hard graft.’’ I have now owned my 2010 Aquamarine Evora N/A for 7 months, I’ve continued its excellent service history, and put her through her MOT, replaced the drop links and bushes and done around 1000 miles. I have been to a few car shows including Lotus in the Peaks, but most of all I just really enjoy driving her on a weekend, when I can be seen flying around Marsden Moors and on to Saddleworth. I really love the Colour of my Evora and find the Aquamarine Evora’s very special. I have made it a bit of a mission of mine to try and pull together all the Aquamarine Evora’s. I have even started a select Facebook group to try and reach out to all the Aquamarine Evora owners. Find Link below to the Aquamarine Lotus Evora Facebook Group.
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