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  1. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    Update: I cleaned MAF sensor and throttle body connector. Light still on. Then called RAC out who diagnosed MAF sensor error - but once he reset the error, the light is no more! So cleaning it was hopefully all that was needed. Went out for a blast to confirm and all good. Very happy with my afternoon's work.
  2. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    I expect I am on the verge of needing to move to the Exige model thread but as I am wanting to still be in the honeymoon period, posting here. The car is fantastic and the first couple of hundred miles a joy. However on last but one journey the ESP light came on. Fine I thought, minor gremlin. Happily it reset with ignition. But yesterday the yellow engine light came on (not flashing) sadly this has not reset with ignition cycling. Planning to have a go at cleaning MAF sensor contacts but a little nervous of going into engine bay (more used to A series tuned Minis!) I may get an OBD reader to bring myself into the 21st century. I’ve searched and read it could be MAF or O2 sensor then happened upon the ‘solved by full engine harness replacement’ thread. Hoping that is a rare one. if anyone has any advice that would be great, these are questions turning over in my mind: 1. Which OBD reader to buy 2. Where to book it in if I can’t resolve (I’m in Maidstone so Maidstone Sports Cars is v local, I have no experience with them but seen the various threads - feel free to DM me if you have recent experience good or otherwise) 3. How long will it be before I can I drive this amazing thing again..
  3. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    Thanks and will do. Car arrived this week and it’s simply stunning, in all the right ways. Have a big party this weekend (my 50th) but think I’d rather have time to get out for a drive! May just have to sneak one in.
  4. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    Thanks Tom. Organising a big party on the 10th so 11th doesn't work but hopefully get to the Newlands corner meet soon.
  5. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    Thought I should reply to this thread to say thanks to all who shared advice on Esprits. After much soul searching I decided to go for the other Lotus I always wanted to try. So this is my 'official hello' as I put a deposit down on a 350 Sport last week. I've been watching them endlessly over the last year and my irresistible spec came up (there's something about the combo of open shift and the twin back lights on the basic S3 body that does it for me.) It's also the same colour outside and in as my Emira order (going to worry about that later.) This is the car I always wanted (other than an Esprit.) Happy memories of hours spent on Project Gotham Racing made real. I cannot wait, hope to get it later this week and meet up with some of you in the not too distant future. Pav
  6. This is what I am wrestling with. I have a Yaris, it’s an amazing drive and the keys I grab for a journey when I’ll appreciate a bit of comfort too. Haven’t found it a ‘get up early to drive’ car, it lacks occasion, in part because the interior is uninspired and modern. Bit worried the Emira will be quite similar whereas an Exige would undoubtedly be both an occasion and for the sake of driving machine. Think I need to test drive both close to each other and find my answer.
  7. Hi all - relatively new here, so hello to you lucky Exige owners. I've always wanted one (car of choice on Project Gotham Racing with an Exige, black with gold wheels). I was finally in a position to buy last year but.. Emira happened. I have an Oct build slot but as time goes on the urge for an Exige remains strong. I do bike trackdays and kind of know it's the more hardcore option I want. Anyway, interested in thoughts and opinions on this Exige S CR. Seems reasonably priced, if perhaps in need of a clean. B&C have a similar car up for a couple of grand more and it's a couple of years older. Or should I stretch the budget / follow my heart with this Cup 260 or this Sport 350. All opinions welcome and appreciated!
  8. Thanks. Agree the interior is a little irksome. Should the decals be red, or did they come in black as well. Also the rear slats look a bit OTT in white to me. Should they be black? Feels like an ‘at the right price could be interesting’ car. Not really my thing but will keep an eye.
  9. Hi all - I am somewhat interested in the Car and Classic listing below. Wondering if it’s owned by anyone on here, now or previously. Generally does anyone know the car, can vouch for the provenance, opinions, etc. I have enquired about the engine rebuild, as I thought detail on that seemed a little scant in the listing: Thanks in advance (and apologies if posted in wrong place, mods please move.) Pav
  10. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    Ahh ok. I might have got my wires crossed, may have meant any S3 (i.e. not necessarily turbo) with the slightly tighter leather like this one (I think looks fairly original?) Also I wouldn't completely rule out the ruched look for the right car.
  11. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    No no, correct me if I'm wrong but the S3 had the slightly tighter trim versus the 'ruched' Playboy mansion look. That's the one I don't think I could live with. I'd love a tidy S3 turbo! I don't dislike the Peter Stevens design but I wouldn't buy one, would have to be the Giugiaro.
  12. Pav

    Hello from Kent

    Thanks for the welcome, I'm near Staplehurst. Pop me some details on a DM about the Esprit.. I could be tempted, though would probably need to be a later one with the 'neater' trim.
  13. Hello fine people of TLF. I've finally got round to registering, I'm into the sixties British innovators and their cars (also Italian sports bikes). As of last year finally managed to buy the Lotus I always wanted. It was going to be an Exige but then the Emira was announced.. still not sure I've done the right thing (or when I'll get it but you know all about that, I was July delivery, then August, now October.) Anyway, either way the gap in the pic needs filling with a Lotus. Are Esprits really that bad an idea? My boyhood Bond dream car, until I test drove one 20 years ago and had a bit of a never meet your heroes moment. For me the Emira is the new Esprit but waiting for test drive to see it it's as good (or not) as those that get paid to do such things say.
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