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  1. @LotusfabHello Fabian! Thanks for the reply! No problem re the paint and mounts. I’ll cook something up😊You really did a fine job of them. I had just assumed you had a fiberglass mold. All the best to you! Cheers! Eddy
  2. @Bibs Thank you very much for the welcome, and for the link to the Investor Edition story! I’ll have a good read tonight! @drdoom Thanks for the welcome! I did come around to my senses and will be sticking with the 910! I had a ride in #33, and your point about plenty of power rings true! Now if I can install the rebuilt engine properly into the chassis! I suspect I can find posts here for reference as I was not the one who removed it! Cheers! Eddy
  3. Hello Fabian and all! Newbie here- I suppose I need to register on this site, and perhaps start a thread. Fabian, I must say that your car has floored me! I'm smitten hopelessly! Great job with this car, and of coarse the gen 1 as well!! I enjoyed the YouTube videos! A little back story if you don't mind. I am in Utah in the U.S. Some 6 yrs ago I purchased site unseen on eBay a 83 Lotus Turbo Esprit "Investor Edition" (#32 of 50) with the odometer saying 44,000 miles on the clock. It had been languishing in the out doors in Michigan for 7 yrs. It was running, but not great. The paint was blistering a bit, and the leather interior was very dried up, brittle, and cracking , especially the seats and dash. On arrival I had the local Ferrari dealership looking after some wiring issues. I had a car guy friend who also had a gen 3 Esprit, and come to find out he had an Investor Edition as well! Coincidentally he had #33 my sister car! I had test driven the car down the street and back, and put some fuel in. My friend wanted to get pics of the sister cars, and after doing so, I went out to do another quick drive. As I got to the light, I heard a "thud" and the engine stopped abruptly!!! I think you all might know exactly what happened! Yes, cam belt failure! Ugh! I should have known better! I'm mechanically inclined, but Thought it might be cool to do an engine swap to a LS Chevy at this point. My friend, a Lotus guru of sorts, having built engines and raced these cars (He has a gen 2 as well) was mortified at me looking to swap! He doesn't work on other peoples cars he said, but would rebuild my engine if I would not get the swap idea out of my mind! So he has done so. From polishing the crank, to new cylinder liners, light weight Molly pistons, new valves everything has been machined and as new. Turbo was re engineered by a diesel shop near by, as no parts are available to rebuild the stock one. Also got a new water pump, starter, alternator rebuild etc. The delortos were rebuilt. I did the red wrinkle paint on the intake, and polished the raised bits, re zinc coated all bolts and washers. It also has a heavy duty new blue cam belt now!!! This motor is ready to rock and roll, but it needs to be installed. My guy decided he didn't want to do the install. I had another acquaintance that did the removal, so I might be in the dark if I go ahead with the install. I have purchased the "Super circlip" to replace the weak link clip we all know about. So here I am, wondering if I should do a full nut and bolt restoration, or a sympathetic one. My budget is quite limited at the moment. Should I restore the car to original scheme of red-orange/black, or a bond car? I do have a love for the FYEO cars. I've thought of doing the white one, but Fabian, wow, your copper ski car is the bomb as they say!!! Wondering if you wouldn't mind me going in that direction? If so, any chance of you supplying me with the ski mount fiberglass shells, and mounting design? I also wondered what the real paint code actually is? any other tips if I go with copper replica? As for the wheels, mine are silver one piece. I could polish outer rim, paint gold center, and install fake 3 piece look bolts to approximate the look. Your thoughts? Many Thanks, Ed Davenport
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