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  1. Eh obviously he's a big lad for 1 lol. (Meant 10 year old)
  2. What a great day it was my 1 yr old son Ethans first car show he really enjoyed it. He didn't show much interest about going initially but he has fuel in his blood now. thanks Ryan RP420 and Chris28
  3. Hi Ryan I'll be up the North Coast over these dates this yr Gutted I'll miss it. thanks for all the updates and keeping N.Ireland Lotus alive really appreciate it. Thanks Craig
  4. Thats great to know (i meant to clarify a bit more the exige 3 v6 club racer) I'm aware the sport v6 hard top roof can be taken off and you can put the soft top on which is something lotus aren't a fan of owners doing it themselves but I just wanted to not rule the club racer of my list of possible future purchases if the roof can be taken off for better weather days Thanks Craig
  5. Hi Can you take the roof off the club racer similarly to the sport? Thanks Craig
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