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  1. DVR


  2. 10621 is in Belgium since 2010. Not planning on selling and the original wheels and tires are safely put away, not selling those either. I want to keep the car 100% original and selling the wheels would be a bad idea, don't you think ?
  3. DVR

    Evora F1

    No : And some 15 more for the US.
  4. Yes, I know that, officially it isn't though. The same for the S brake calipers in red, you want black, you get black. But not officially. In fact, at the premium paint price you can order almost any color you like. Porsche viper green or turquoise blue are great colors on the Evora.
  5. It's that same car from the German autoshow, so yes Sienna Brown it is.
  6. Agreed on the wheels, the car looked horrible with them. It destroyed the magic. I didn't say anything to the dealer about it as it was a factory demo car. So it was not his spec to begin with.
  7. DVR

    MY12 Evora

    Good choice ! With red calipers ? When is the delivery foreseen ?
  8. DVR

    MY12 Evora

    Aha , you are the lucky one with the total loss I had seen your car for sale some time ago but when I saw it at FKM I did not realise it was yours. I think Autumn bronze with the black sport interior with red stitching would look good if you get the car with the red calipers. That will tie the inside and outside together. You could also ask for silver stitching if you would prefer, choice between red, yellow and silver according to this : Maybe this can give you a rough idea:
  9. DVR

    MY12 Evora

    That Viper Green looks soooo good !! A few weeks ago I asked my dealer what the cost would be for this PTS color and it turned out it is the same price as the 'premium paint' option. Very reasonable. Love it but think will go with Ardent red anyway, maybe I am brave come order time and do something wild . I can't wait for MY14, that is too far away, I am ordering fall / winter next year for a spring '13 delivery. So a MY13 it will be and honestly, I hope and suspect MY13 will still look the same. The only 'issue' I still have is the manual A/C , hope MY13 gets the auto A/C function.
  10. Mr. Bahar loves it when a plan comes together. This guy is making it happen
  11. Seat (ab)used the Porsche name all over the Ibiza a long time ago. Didn't hurt the brand name at all I believe. And this was in the same market. Nobody will ever see these Lotus engineered Youngmans anyway beside the Chinese.
  12. DVR

    MY12 Evora

    I guess the same as me, we are hungry for Evora news and wonder the internet in search of. But you are the lucky one, soon you'll have yours and your itch will be scratched. I have to wait 1.5 years still Yesterday I saw a white Evora on the motorway here in Belgium. 2nd time I have seen one 'in the wild'. What a car
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