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  1. Well done Bibs. I've been many times to Hethel over the last 30+ years and the 70th was by far the best organised. Thank you Peter
  2. Those planning to drive Friday on the M25 through the Dartford Tunnel please allow for a long queue. From 1 pm onwards on Fridays the queue can go right back to the M20 exit for the M25. Hope this "heads up" helps? Peter
  3. After an anxious time thinking I was too late for tickets, Club Lotus have kindly sent them to me with a Yellow sticker. Phew! I'll be driving up in a Lotus convoy starting a 6 am from the Dartford Bridge Hilton hotel if anyone is interested in joining us. Talking amongst us I learned some have Green windscreen stickers and are assigned to the factory car park immediately to the right of the factory entrance. Curious to know why all Lotus cars wont be parked together on the track (former main runway) like we were in 2008 and 1998? Peter
  4. Sorry if I've come late to the party! Tried to get a ticket but the website says Lotus owner tickets are sold out. Any suggestions please on how I get one elsewhere. Bibs. If it helps my cause. My white Esprit has been in the Brands Hatch show & shine comp' every year. Cheers Peter
  5. Turbo


  6. What a fantastic weekend despite the awful rain on Saturday. Club Lotus displayed 7 cars on both days and the playground had 5 Elises on Sunday. Overall though the club car display section was poor in comparison with the rest of the show. Even the Ferrari owners club were sidelined to the perimeter fencing. I bet they were hacked off not to be taking centre stage. My Esprit paled into insignificance parked right next to the 7 £1m cars. An Enzo, Maserati MC12 (Chris Evans car), Aston One 77, Mc Laren, Pagani Zonda, Lamborghini Aventador and Koenigsegg. I therefore had no concerns whatsover about leaving my car ungaraged for two nights in their company. Clive Chapman was there too with a Type 72 and drove it spiritally in the hill climb. There was also a Camel Lotus Judd 101 and a Type 49 in Gold Leaf livery. So the four Lotuses painted a poor representation of the marque compared with all the Ferraris Jaguars, and Astons that were involved in the hill climb, It was great to meet fellow TLF member Martin (and his wife) and view the shots he took of my car during the hill climb. Would I go again? Most definitely. How come "the playground" got converted into the word playground??!! This is crazy! S.E.L.O.C. keeps converting to playground??!!
  7. For those interested I've received my driver's pack together with some daunting BRSCC rules despite the hill climb being a non timed "procession at speed" over 0.9 km course. Nick Mason will have 7 of his vast collection taking part and participators are required to report for scrutineering this Friday. Shame the weather wont be as good as it was for the Brands Hatch festival.
  8. Looks like my inclusion in the hill climb is for real as I've been asked to provide a car picture for the show programme. You were right Martin about the camp site options but I've been told participators will have their own camp site allocation but at a cost of £100 to cover the water, electrics and shower facilities. Of the 14 hill climb categories I'll be one of seven cars celebrating an anniversary.
  9. Hi Bibs I had given up hope last week (4 months after originally submitting my car details) but I was lucky enough to meet a Brands Event co-ordinator at the London Club Golf Live event. He gave me his email back in May and fortunately passed on my enquiry to a colleague dealing with the Car Fest. I hope Lotus have a club group representation from somewhere Peter
  10. Looks like I may be the only one from this site that is going to the Car Fest then. Found out yesterday that my Esprit has been selected for one of the "magnificent seven" hill climbs in the anniversaries group. I'll add updates once I get the drivers' pack. Peter
  11. You will have it soon! You've been PM'd
  12. I forgot I had this and my first thought was to stick it on Ebay. Then I wondered if Mr Kimberley has one archived away. It has a forward wriitten by him and the obligatory Chairman's picture. If you (or he) would like it I would be happy to pass it over (for free). The least I could having had 20 years of happy motoring in my Turbo Esprit this very month. Merry Christmas everyone. Peter
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