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  1. Hey are you selling your car or is it located at a dealer? I like it but wow is it priced high.

    1. ABorkat


      It’s mine, and it is for sale at a dealership. There may be a small markup for selling as a dealer, but the price is actually very reasonable. I think we Esprit owners are the worst value critics of these cars, which has probably contributed to the overall poor market. Mine actually is being negotiated for sale with a local buyer within a month of being listed, so I think we’re pretty on point with what we’re asking. Or as I’ve said to others, find me a legitimate listing of one for sale currently as pristine as mine for the same or lower price, and I’ll sell mine to you for half off ;)

  2. Hi I live in the US, and as a kid drooled over the Lotus Esprit G car. I bought a 1987 HCI back in 2006 or so. It was ok, but did not seem fast at all. I sold it. It was tight and small and vowed never to get another one. 4 years later, I bought a red Stevens S4 (1993 I believe). It was fun,but reaked of exhaust in the cabin which I was not fond of. Could never isolated the problem. I owned a 93 vette, and have to say it was very fun because of the low end power. The lotus just never had that and both where downright a dog out of the hole. Are they all like that? All cars are gone now including the vette. I never want a Ferrari 308. I should have bought one a few years ago because they where only 30,000 dollars. For some reason they soared to no less than 60,000 now so it would have been a great investment. I drove 2, and did not get excited at all. The esprit was much better. I drove 2 lotus elise, and they where very cool as well. Never bought one. Honestly I never put much time behind the wheel in either esprit only clocking 200 miles on each car in the 2 years ownership of each one. I think I never trusted it. I get a vette that I know will work, but they are not very rare. I will be in the "me too" crowd. Or go back to a lotus? I never had a carb esprit, and wonder if they are faster? I love that they are rare. I am wondering when the prices of these rare cars will go through the roof. Any thoughts?
  3. My first esprit G car was 17k, and I sold it for 20k in 2008. The second was a 1994 bought for 25k, and sold 3 years later for 23k. These guys lately are CRAZY in the US!!! That car will never get that price unless an idiot buys it. The Ferrari 308's where 27k 5 years ago and now NONE are under 60k. I have no lotus right now because to be honest I was not that impressed with it. It was tight as hell ( I am 5'10"), and it was not that fast. corvette was more fun...sold it though. So why am I back? Not sure. I guess if I can get a blue Essex I am back in.
  4. Who makes a race chip for this car? I thought the computers where pretty generic, and the chips where not replaceable. haha, not a new s4.... a used, but new one for me. I bought it last year. How do I check to see if chargecooler is working? I was pretty knowledgeable with my 1986 hci, but this is a little different. Actually a lot! I have a weird valve sticking out of the intake manifold. I will get photos.
  5. I run with windows open to air it out. I never tried it with them up. It got worse with sunroof unlatched and propped up.
  6. My esprit s4 runs with great torque and constant acceleration around 4000 rpm. Is this correct and safe range normal? I think redline is much higher. Just want to know if I am driving it correctly. Very fun car and handles like a dream. I think it is better than a boxster s which I thought about buying before this. I thought about an elise and drove 2 but I think this is better when looking at the tight fit of elise. The guy I bought it from said you had to drive it like a lotus in the higher rpm range. Need your feedback guys. Thanks. Turbo spools well! Good boost.
  7. I am going to check exhaust and the cam covers.
  8. Not gas. Smells like a combination of oil, rubber and exhaust. I worried this is dangerous not to mention poisonous on my s4. What do I check for? It runs great but I am not driving it because it stinks!
  9. I see you did it on your car. Ok....was it a noticeable improvement?
  10. oops! I know it is a 1993. S4 Did they make a s4s in 1993? I have to look. 1993 S4, and I am sticking to! My mistake
  11. Hi everyone. I am back after being gone for a few years. I used to own a 1986 esprit hci, sold it. Now I have a 1993 S3S. Real nice, but it suffers the same problem as the other one, and probably all esprits. They are embarrassingly slow off the line. I mean, my ford explorer suv is faster till the turbo kicks in. Is there anything I can do to make it faster? I really do not want to go to a I drove an elise, and while that was not neck snapping either, it was actually too stiff to drive. I wonder if I need a newer model, or a v8 esprit. For an exotic, this baby should be able to do a burnout, and it will not.
  12. I got rid of my S3 a few years ago, and now just got a fantastic S4!

  13. I got rid of my S3 a few years ago, and now just got a fantastic S4!

  14. I am having second thoughts all of a sudden. I don't like the wheels or the color of the car. I would really like the standard wheels and make the inside section black with a nice deep blue paint, and black leather interior. Can I custom order one? lol
  15. The last car i bought, I drove 14 hours round trip to see it, and I new it had manifold problems, so i had it shipped to my house.
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