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  1. It's too far gone, cracked down middle then about 4 inch's sideways by time I moved it to car hauler it completely snapped off into two pieces and bent and blew brand new tire up less than 20 miles on tire.
  2. Thanks Reply, I sent lotus bits a email yesterday and waiting hear back from them. Only prob i have with their website is no pics on parts, and no way order from them i can see except through email. I'm just hoping someone has one they sell me or Donate that wont break the bank before I have order it through lotusbits. Is Eclat Rare over there in united kingdom England?
  3. I have a 79 Lotus Eclat 523 with AC I'm looking for driver Side Rear Radius arm I believe its called. mine bent on me and needs replaced. does anyone have one for sale? I live in Arkansas USA Thanks
  4. Thanks exeterjeep and excel, I found problem it was the headlight dimmer switch on steering column, wire fell off connector in back. And wiring diagrams come in handy.
  5. I have a 79-80 lotus Eclat and headlights quit turning on yesterday. I Turn and pull switch and all dash lights work all brake and running lights work, blinkers work, No Headlights? Power coming out headlight switch all 3 wires, No power to headlights, all Fuses good. Anyone got wiring diagram or possibly know what's wrong? Thanks.
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