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  1. No speed recognition on the V6 cars, although possibly will be on the i4 as they will come with radar cruise etc. However through Apple Carplay etc your nav might show speed limits. HTH
  2. 2 x Nimbus 1x seneca and 1 x DV in our showroom, right now!!! Red due as is Shad grey...... Lucky we have a nice big showroom to fit them in 😉😆
  3. Got Shadow grey en route apparently! You might need a trip to Sussex, grab some Harvey’s beer as they’re opposite the showroom😉
  4. Does it show?? Struggle to notice much difference other than he’s inside! 🤷‍♂️🤪
  5. You saying our lineup pic wasn't stunning @Bibs?
  6. Indeed!! we will have in the showroom til the end of the month, red, blue, nimbus and DV, our ashford branch will have yellow which only leaves shadow grey as being unable to view with us!👍
  7. Nice delivery yesterday!!
  8. Absolutely!! The people who think dealers are out to rip you off at every turn clearly have not been to good 'uns! Tooooooooooo much legislation for one and google reviews for two are reasons why dealers don't spank you, granted some bits no bobs done on your car can be costly, just had a quote for an Alfa Quadthingymebob service etc from alfa and its £800!! Had a 1M just short of a major service done at a very well renowned specialist, was expecting pants down no lube, less than £500 inc diff oil, gearbox oil, new grilles!!!
  9. TBH most dealers don't do enough tyres to make it really worthwhile to get decent rates from suppliers compared to bigger chains. Makes me laugh how so many on forum moan about prices from dealers for this n that but actually have no clue what the dealer actually makes per item, tyres its often less than a fiver! But no one on any forum this or the Other take umbrage over the mark up Tesco et al have over their products! % wise they make dealers look like amateurs! But keep tarring everyone with the same brush!!!!
  10. Maybe......................maybe not!!! Find out when he or she or they or it picks up on Wednesday 😉
  11. Although we are not your local dealer, I would say dealer collection. You have probably test driven with them, enjoyed the banter over getting your car, asked about configurations during the process? If you have had a good time then let the dealer enjoy the experience with you. i have thoroughly enjoyed handing over our customer cars as I feel we have been on a journey together. But thats me!
  12. The paint and especially the black roof is incredibly soft. Customer 'chucked' an envelope on his while he was sorting paperwork and it left a very light scratch. paint correction and ceramic seemed to have helped no end tho.
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