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  1. @RENDERMAN Nope, not that I know of but I find your content entertaining. Maybe I should? Are you following me?
  2. I agree, that is what I thought too, but I was corrected on my other forum. I was told that both were available in China but the buyer has to pay a hefty government tax to get the V6.
  3. So I got my Florida US plate already. No real reason to figure what it says. Currently riding on my Lexus RC until the I4 FE arrives.
  4. How many cars did Lotus say they would make a day once production started? How many a year were they going to produce total? I'm told I am pretty good at math (I am an engineer) but the numbers of cars being delivered don't match the published estimates, not even close.
  5. Thanks! I have an S2 federal car and key blanks are easy to get. Can't wait to try this but about to go through a hurricane here in Florida so it will probably have to wait until next week.
  6. Congratulations! Same spec as I am ordering except I4. Looks fantastic!
  7. Hi, I have an Elise and would like to print this for my car. Can you add the design file to Thingiverse so I can change it from Exige to Elise? I use Fusion 360. Thanks!
  8. The Elise will stay as my hard core vehicle and the Emira becomes my daily driver, the Lexus RC goes away.... Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  9. Did you ever find a bulb? I got my replacement here.
  10. I currently own a 2005 Elise and I have my deposit submitted for a Emira FE I4. I am waiting patently... I already have my license plate! I am also an admin on LotusTalk and a member of the Lotus Emira Forum. I know this forum is mostly European but I always like to follow trends from around the world. My website is where I display some of the parts I make and decals I cut. My current car is in the below pictures. The only engine mods are a supercharger, catch cans and a good tune. Lots of other suspension mods and carbon additions. I am looking forward to reading lots of great posts here.
  11. Currently waiting on an Emira FE with the AMG I4.  From Florida USA.

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