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  1. Well as usual it's all a matter of personal taste, so there are as many answers as there are owners ! LOL My personal worthless opinion, just because you asked for it ;-) is that to me the S4s (and early V8 and Turbo SE), have this luxury feel to them, and I feel that carbon fibre (or aluminium bits and bobs) does not fit in there, the car would end up being inconsistent if steered away from its initial statement... so to speak. However, models which were thought and built with a definite bias towards sportiness rather than luxury (X180R, S300, GT3...), would be a good home for carbon fibre or whatever else that may be in that league... sequential straight cut dog box, full LCD/glass instrument cluster, whatever floats your boat ! I do have dreams of both a luxury S4s and a race oriented V8, but I don't dream of mixing the two together as I feel it would end up with a car looking inadequate from either point of view. That was my contribution.. for what it's worth ... i.e. not much at all !
  2. Assuming you didn't make a typo, then that's 0.65 not 0.61, but still in the ballpark... And how comes my avatar title reads "LOTU" instead of "LOTUS", hmmm.... Bibs ?!
  3. Well, I am officially lost... time to go to bed for me I think....
  4. I was looking at the ECU manual, section EMH.2 page 20, attached below...
  5. Wow that's scary... I mean, the Lotus workshop manual clearly states that WOT is mandatory. If one can't even trust the manuals... :-/
  6. Oh, ok ! didn't know that. It's quite a serious affair though, I don't see hum claiming modifying the boost limit if it's not actually technically possible, I don't understand what's going on here... My next best assumption, then, is that the wastegate solenoid actually has some headroom (duty cycle not quite reaching 100% at 1.00 bar of boost), hence it is possible to increase boost beyond 1.00 bar. The MAP capping at 1 bar (of boost, 2 bar total), just means that the ECU then only relies on throttle angle... which is 100% anyway (since this is mandatory for allowing overboost) That means that the ECU lacks the help of the MAP above 1 bar, but since this is overboost region, and is only meant to be used for a few second, maybe it's not a vital information under that particular circumstance. I will ask Marcus for some detail... At any rate it's easy to figure it out : just put the car on a dyno, record the max torque (should improve), and hook a pressure gauge to the MAP pipe with a T connector. There is no way to hide the truth this way... Plus, an ECU log would show if the wastegate solenoid duty cycle is upped or not, which invariably would result in increased boost. The revised fuel MAP would obviously provide the necessary extra fuel to go with it.
  7. Hmmm... that needs some investigation then...
  8. Sorry my mistake ! I did read the manual a bit too quickly... yes 0.65 nominal, 0.85 is for throttle angles above 75% (if engine is close to warmed up, 75°C minimum), 1.00 bar is for wide open throttle, pedal to the floor.
  9. Yes the wastegate solenoïd vents to the atmosphere, as you can easily see by just looking at it in the relay box, it's screaming at you ;-) As for boost levels, I don't know about the S4s, but the SE is 0.85 bar nominal and 1.00 bar during overboost. So the S4s has to be a little over 1 bar then, maybe 1.1. PUK rate their 310 bhp S4s chip as 1.1 bar, and red race chip at 1.25, so I guess a stock S4s chip hast to be somewhere between the 1.0 and 1.1...
  10. Can't tell you the exact weight on the Esprit, but removed it from one of my Renault 21, was about 35kg. At least it gives a reference point. The system in the Esprit being more compact (less space to shoe horn the evaporator in the cabin, and less volume to cool down, anyway), so the various components should be downsized compared to a saloon. 25kg would be a good estimate I guess. Now whether this is worth the effort (getting the evaporator out will be no fun indeed), is entirely up to you. I am doing it on another R21 again because its 12valve N/A engine has zero torque below 3500 rpm and the 4WD transmission aggravates things much further, so every kg I can shave off, counts/helps... but for a powerful Turbo car like a GT3.. might not make much of a difference in every day driving. But sure enough, in theory, it can only help. It all depends how much time and effort you are willing to put into it... as it's not gonna be a single week-end affair I fear...
  11. 10mm square for the Renault "UN" box
  12. Also have a digital clock of the same era on another car. Was working fine but drew a lot of current on standby, was draining the battery faster than I was prepared to tolerate. So maybe your clock was disconnected for that reason. Just a shot in the dark, as I have no particular feedback on the Esprit clock.
  13. Well to state the obvious from everything you said, it simply looks like a bad cable. Either the cable cord it self, or the pins in the connector. I guess it's worth also checking the health/condition of the wiring and connector on the car side, if a new cable doesn't solve it and/or you can try your computer + cable on another Esprit, see it working fine and therefore rule them both out.
  14. I think a simpler way to put it is to say that the waste gate included in the turbo, mechanically/physically sets the "normal"/sustainable boost level of the engine, whatever it is for a particular engine (0,65b for an SE ?). Then on top of that basic mechanical setting, in order to get some extra ponies under hard acceleration at slow to medium speeds, the ECU uses a trick to cheat the wastegate. That trick is the wastegate solenoid. The ECU uses the solenoid to divert some of the boost away from the wastegate. The wastegate setting obviously doesn't change, but it now sees only a fraction of the actual boost happening in the inlet (said amount being accuretely controlled by the ECU, by means of the duty-cycle applied to the solenoid). The ECU has therefore, technically, potentielly, the ability to completely disconnect the wastegate (by diverting 100% of the air), thus actually rendering the wastegate inoperative. There is then nothing keeping the turbo from blowing the engine (rather than blowing into...), other than the turbo's technical specification, by its construction/design limitations. Obviously the ECU won't allow that to happen, it's aim is only to add a little bit more boost under some circumstances, it has no particular interest in destroying the engine Well not sure that was any clearer in the end.. .but well I tried !
  15. Well Yes, Freescan is a software implementation of the Lotus/Tech1 apparatus, so both will give the same error codes.. the engine doesn't know what kind of device is being used to read it. It just uses a defined protocol and will send its error codes to whatever device kind that implements said protocol.
  16. The S300 from memory has no overboost, the turbo blows full speed all the time !
  17. Watch out chaps, he says S4 but his profile clearly states and depicts an '86 G Turbo, not a chagecooled Stevens ! ;-)
  18. I think you posted in the wrong section of the forum. There is a dedicated "Wanted / For sale" section for advertisement.
  19. Well the first thing I would ask is : on which one of your Esprit do you want to change the oil ? I mean, I don't know much about the old S1 so there is a possibility that the oil recommendation is a bit different from the much more recent GT3. If it's for a recent 4 pot then from memory it is the Castrol Edge "Formula RS" 10W60. It's available online so what I would do is simply take the time to order it on-line, the oil can wait a few days, no need to rush and take any chances in this case. When the recommended stuff is available and there is no emergency like here, the choice is simple :-)
  20. Sure enough, not usual to fix a coolant leak from... inside the car ! Still, must have been "fun" trying to fit the sleeve and collars deep down that aperture, with what looks like barely two inches in width to get the fingers into it ! Well done..
  21. Looks like the usual Turbo SE panel. The red light is most likely just a custom hack for god knows what. Only the owner would know !....
  22. Thanks for the info.. I did not know your car (been rather absent from the forum in the recent years...), very special indeed ! The purple manifold indeed makes sense !
  23. That's indeed a lot of work and money to fix a bad contact ! :-/ Engine looks like new but the dirty alternator hasn't enjoyed the same treatement and kinda looks out of place now ! ;-) Nice rebuild cosmetically, but on a more technical level you didn't even say what needed to be replaced during the rebuild ? What was the extent of the damaged in the end ? Head hasket obviously, but was the head warped, anything else suffered ? And why did the camshaft covers end up blue rather than red ?!
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