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  1. I assume the brakes are needed every time he comes across a speed camera ! He must brake from 270 km/h down to 90 in 50 meters... hence the need for good brakes ;-) NIce to see a few folks from France on this forum, espcially in toulouse ! I might move down there next year, nice to know there is an Esprit in this neck of the wood, hoping to see it on the road ! :-D
  2. I wouldn't worry too much about the head gasket (just yet!). I mean, juding from past experiences on my other 4 pot petrol cars (R19 and 21... a engine is an engine !), I have had COUNTLESS cooling system issues, including 2 MAJOR overheating (big cloud of white steam, like in the cartoons...), never was it the haed gasket, and never did the head suffer.. let it cool, put back some tap water in emergency, and it was back on the road,trouble free. No really, I have just about every possible failure in the cooling department, but never a head gasket. Cracked tank, old/perished hose, thermostat stuck closed, damaged thermostat housing, rad pissing, plastic Tee junction collapsing, temp sensor going south, bleeding screw snapping, seized cooling fan motor, cooling fans relays on holiday, I forget many more I am sure, just quoting from the top of my head ! But never a head gasket, despite me always driving the thing to the max, every day. So the one thing I would suggest is simply to do a pressure test ! Costs nothing (get it done by a mechanic if you don't have the gear), and did wonders do identify that hidden tiny little hose that mysteriously emptied a full header tank in 3 minutes ! If your pressure cap was leaking, you would see residues/traces around it. If it's perfectly clean then it's probably leaking from somewhere else. Seeing a low temp reading when in traffic may be good.. or not ! It can also mean that you have air n the cooling system and that the temp sensor "sees" a temp lower than it really is ! Had this happen a few times : at first the nguage needles rises above normal, then goes back, then goes BELOW normal, then stabilizes there. At this pint it was already too late: all the coolant had gone on the road ! Luckily these old Renault engine are indestructible, I could drive the thing for 30 miles to get back home, let it cool, put back some coolant, and the engine never showed any sign of a problem afterwards. Just do a pressure test I say, stop pulling your hair ! ;-)
  3. Bibs, thank you ! Works much better now I know where to look ! ;-) I had a handful of messages, I deleted them, should work now Jamie ! E-mailing you ? Well why not, but I looked at your profile and your e-mail is set to "private", so I am afraid I won't be able to go very far ! ;-) You can reach me at: vincent DOT trouilliez AT gmail DOT com I am not sure this is sophisticated enough to fool modern net bots, but well, I like to live dangerously I guess !
  4. WOW , tha's 3 of them then ! Good to see they are still on the road, unlike the Sport 300 over here, which gets rarer and rarer... Oh, what do I see in there ! My dream of an Esprit, a beauuutiful BRG SE !!! :wub: :wub: Too bad about these US spec squarish side lights in each bumper corner! They really uglify the car, looks like spots on a teenagers face... I just can't get used to them Is the police so attached to them ? What would happen if you dared to remove them ? Would you get a massive, dissuasive fine ? Oh dear.. please don't beat me but.. I jsut spent 15 minutes searching my profile/settings page over and over again, clicking on every link/page/tab I could possibliy see...and for the life of me I can't find any page related to PM's ! I DO remember using PM's once, a year or so ago maybe, so I know it used to work.. but today I really can't find my way around anymore it would seem ! If you could tell me how to access my PM page on my profile, I could go further... AllI could do is delete all my attachments/pics from the forum, as it was full (only two pics though !), but I guess it has nothing to do with the PM Box attachements, so won't help much ! Yes I remember the BRG one, was for sale in some posh magazine many years ago. The dark blue one is famous too (it's "Navy Blue"), because it belongs to the President of the French Lotus Club. The other 8 cars ? From memory they were just normal colours, like yellow, bright red, maybe silk/bordeaux red as well, not sure. There is a page about this limited edition on the French Club's website, written by the President and displaying his own example of course: On my computer some of the thumbnails fail to display, but if I click on them the pics appear nonetheless. One of them show a page of text about thi slimited edition, but sadly it's way to small to be legible !!! I have a couple of French Lotus books, each featuring a couple of pages about the Colin Chapman edition, but none of them talk about the fact that they all had a different color... so I can't remember WHERE I read that ! I hope it was not a urban legend... I would have to ask on their forum I guess, but sadly I just noticed that their forum is strictly limited to the club members, who have paid their card ! What a bunch of elitists ! I will let them rot in their closed circle... How disappointing these people are, they shall not see a square inch of my Esprit whenever I manage to have one...
  5. No idea about US Esprits, but for the French ones I can confirm that the Colin Chapman limited edition was specific to France, they did have these wheels on, and only 10 were made (not 20), each in a different color. I love these wheels too !
  6. WOW !!! This X180-R is a real beauty ! Where can I see more of her ? Does the owner have a website with more pics of her ??? Do you have larger versions of the above pics, or is there no larger than what we get when clicking on them ? It's been nearly 10 years now, but wasn't there someone on the US Esprit list by the name of Lew Gaskell (spelling ?) who had one ?
  7. Thanks. I do have the source, but it's not on sourceforge. I had to contact andy personnaly a few years ago,and beg him for the source, and it wasn't easy because he is super mega busy, so no quick reply. So much so that I consider the code as "unavailable" to joe-public ! Actually I seem to recal l seeign a 2.1.0 realease of Freescan, yet sourceforge has only 2.0.7, from memory. No idea where to get the copiled/binaries for 2.1.0, nevermind the source for it. I don't need it, but the point is: the source is not publicly available, readily, on the project's website on sourceforge.. like it should if it were a real open-source project. In the particular case of my ECU reader, I had a look at Freescan source code, but found it so bloated and overwhelming, that I failed to extract anything useful from it. The fact that it is coded using C++ (wich I don't know) rather than plain C, didn't help I guess. On the contrary, his little document detailing his findings on the Esprit ECU protocol, was vital, of course... These few pages is what makes it possible for everyone today, to fiddle with the Esprit ECU !
  8. Jonathan, the purpose is to equate the functionality of Freescan or Espritmon or the OEM Lotus "Tech1" scanner, taking the best from them, removing the bad, and adding some more good stuff. It's difficult to get the content of the ECU's "mind" (or forcing QDM or idle speed, or reading BLM cells contents, or reading and clearing error code) without talking to it ! ;-) It's not difficult to get all the data, there is only one request to send, and you get alllllll the data back at once ! Then you just pick the one you are interested in, and display them and log them. I have already designed the thing, all the difficult design work has been done, I just need to do the final debugging to get it working a real ECU rather than my simulator. The difficult part was to validate the interface hardware (because of lack of information) and data stream decoding and handling (because of my lack of experience in C programming). Now that these two bits have be proven, all the rest is just light software debugging, not head scratching design work. I do agree with your comment about Freescan ! What annoyed me during the test drive with freescan : 1) There are lots of data on screen, all very tiny, it's hard to read and spot the one you want, while driving (hard) 2) tabbed interface or any user interface control are next to impossible to operate whle driving : mouse is not that cool when driving ! 3) with the sun llight, it was either difficult or just plain impossible to read the screen ! 4) The interface is bloated, for example the COM port setup box which lists zillions of sampling periods, way too many to be useful, especially 90% of them which are so short they technically don't even make sense, for example all the values below 100ms ! 5) Often, we use an old laptop because they have a serial port, so it's a great way to breath new life into one's old laptop. The problem is that old laptop have old batteries, which don't last long... sometimes the laptop shuts down after only a few minutes! 6) While recording, Freescan often crashed after 20 minutes or so ! I have seen other people on this forum, comment on similar experiences, so it's not just me.... 7) Operating a laptop is not very convenient in the tight space of a passenger seat.... 8) Laptop is fragile, if one is driving alone with laptop in the passenger seat, it's easy for it to move around and get damaged (a shock might damaged the hard-drive, mainly) 9) Freescan is not 100% devoted to the Esprit, it is tainted by support for american cars. 10) Laptop must be resting on something to be used. It is not very convenient to use from the engine bay ALDL plug: There is not much space on the bodywork to put it on, care must be taken not to make it fall/slide/flip, and one must have a piece of cloth handy not to damage the paintwork. 11) Freescan needs a laptop to run, and laptops are ugly most of the time (that's personal though... I understand that most people find them very cute and trendy), and made of crap plastic. 12) it requires the use of Windows, and I stopped using Windows in favour of Linux, 8+ years ago. Freescan doesn't not run on Linux (natively, I mean). I would at least want a native app. 13) it runs (was designed) on Window 98, which is not supported anymore I believe. Of course might run on other, newer windows versoins, but there is no garantee, might not be straigh-forward, and might not work on future Wndows versions. 14) Its source code is not available anymore on sourceforge, so there is no way to correct bugs or otherwise maintain the software, add features, whatever people might see fit. 15) ??? might more things, I was only quoting from memory.... So a hand-held device seemed like a good solution in order to solve all these "problems" (or tastes issues). The extruded, mat black anodized aluminium, gives it this raw military hardware or aircraft avionics racks look and feel that I just love. The transflective LCD display make it easy to read in the sun light, and at night the adjustable brightness of the backlight makes it easy to fine tune it for one's visual confort. The unser interface (menus and controls) have been designed to be straight-forward and easy to use while driving. The absence of hard-drive means it can stand any driving conditions. Its small package makes it easy to operate in the confined cabin, or while standing by the engine bay. It can also be kept at all times in the glove box, hidden: just route the ALDL plug from below the glove box to.. INTO the glove box. then just take it out the glove box to set it up (for recording) then put it back in the box, perfectly secure, and go for any kind of "spirited" test drive, totally unleashed, unrestricted, without any fear that it might get damaged or fly all over the place in the cabin... And recording is much more reliable (tested over 24Hours) : it won't stop randomly, don't worry ! Just focus on driving, you can be assured that the data will be there upon your return home, you won't have wasted your time and petrol/money ! Firmware is available, so anyone can improve upon it, add features, or whatever suits his particular needs. Its doesn't rely on any desktop operating software, so it will still work in 50 years. And... and these are all good excuses to have a go at designing my own, if just for the fun of it !
  9. Wow, looks lovely ! I want one !! The development phase is finished, all the desired features/functionality has been implemented, works fine when fed with data streams from the ECU simulator I built (it's the left half of the wooden cabinet on the pictures), but when didn't wrong when I plugged it on a real Esprit SE ECU. I don't have access to this Esprit (or any Esprit) anymore, so it's impossible to debug it to find what's wrong ! :-( What worked during my firs tand only test on the real car: my ECU simulator, which also serves as a "terminal" to display all the data going on on the ALDL link, demonstrated that my device was able to read the data taht the ECU spits out by itself, unsollicited. So the interface hardware, and serial port routines are working. My "termrinal" decodes the headers it idnetifies in the data stream, and highlights them on screen, to make it easier for human beings to make snese of them. You can see it on the close-up picture below. It shows that I receive exactly the data sequence that the ALDL documentation from Andy Whittakers said existed : A short "0x0A" data frame, which contains only 2 or 3 engines parameters. A little pause (the white space is actually a blinking digit which informs me that the ECU made a pause. the value of the digits gives a rough indication of the duration of that pause. I don't remember, aybe 50ms or so) Another 0x0A frame A 0x05 Data frame, a bit longer than the 0x0A frame, hence containing a bit more more engine data, though still not the full data set we are interested in) again another 0x0A/ Pause /0x0A sequence An empty header: F0 55 BB , that gives us a chance to request data (or other things) from the ECU. When powered up, the ECU spits out tjhis sequence of frames continuously. The data on screen also show that my ECU reader understands this data stream and reacts accordingly : whenever it sees an empty header, it replies appropriately (sends back empty header, send send a request to get the full set of data). But as we can see, the ECU ignores my request for data ! As soon as I have emitted it, it just resumes spitting out the defaults frames described above ! But I am not int the ECU's mind, so I don't know why it politely ignores my request ! There is only so much informaiton in Andy's document, I implemented as best as I could, and programmed my ECU sumulator accordingly... So I would need an Esprit in my tiny flat so I can experiment and hopefully get it working ! Feature-wise, I have implemented the following so far: - Display error codes, accompanied with their human-readable/textual equivalent. - Clear error codes - Display a nearly 30 engine parameters (more can be added as seen fit, of course). You can select which parameters you want to see on screen (to avoid "polluting" with unwanted data). The screen has 4 lines of text, so you can only display 4 parameters at a time, but you can select as many as you want: just use the rotary encoder/button to scroll the display. To make life easier, you can store/restore a selection ofd parameters, to avoiding wasting time selecting the same parameters again and again every time you use the thing, which would be tedious. - Record the data on a flash memory card. It's now dirt cheap and can host hours worth of data effortlessly ! Just dig out a old 64MB memory card from your anciant digital camera, you will give it a second life ! The record is an ASCII CSV format like Freescan, so just stick the memory card into your computer, and a few click later you can easily import it in your spreadsheet program to build nice graphs of interest. - You can use the "debugging" mode of the Esprit ECU : you can force all the actuators connected to the QDM drivers : fans, air-con, charcoal canister, injectors, solenoids... I plan on implementing more features, but this prototype was a more a "proof of concept" than anything else. So the newer features will go into the next development of this project, it's big brother : I will replace the 4x20 text LCD by the 240x128 graphical unit (similar to the one used on the ECU simulator below), with a touch screen. This way I will be able to add more features : display realt-time graphs of the engine data, the once recording is stopped, add a "play-back" mode to analyse the data once back in the pit, without wasting time importing the data into Excel and doing graphs. You will be able to display several graphs at once, there will be cursors to determine actual values at any point in the graph. Cursors could also be used to compute slopes (acceleration or deceleration, say), or god knows what else. The goal is to make it easy to extract interesting information from the data, on site, without having to bother with a laptop. But I would need some money to get to this next stage of development, and I have non money for now. So it's an idle project at the moment... I would rather get it working before asking any more ! ;-) But sadly I doubt anyone would be interesting in this thing ! It would have to be quite expensive to make it worth bothering making duplicates. the total R&D cost so far is probably in the region of a grand.. I have long stopped counting.... But as far as the bill of material goes for the prototype, it goes sometihng like this, from the top of my head: - Extruded Aluminium enclosure: 30 Euros - Euro-size Doube sided PCB from PCB-POOL : 75 Euros or something - Facia: 60+ Euros - Components: LCD 50 Euros (small but quality unit from Batron), 150 Euros for the large model seen in the wooden enclosure (also Batron) - Memory card module from GHI-Electronics: 40 Euros ? Can't remember exactly. - discrete components: AVR MCU, rotary encorder.... huuuu... let's say 30 Euros. So something like about 300 Euros AT COST, then add all the labour, then the margin to recoup the R&D and make a decent profit... maybe 500+ Euros per unit, shipped ?! That's 450 qid or so ! Needless to say I wouldn't have any customer ! ;-) No, the only reason I am doing it is because I am little perfectionist : - I spent an hour in the driver seat of an SE, with a laptop/freesan, for a test drive, and noticed many problems I was unhappy with. - None of the commercially available OBD readers even remotely suited my taste, regardless of price. So because I just love electronic design, I wanted to design and build my own device, so that the hardware, software and functionality meet the dream/ideal device I had in mind. Also, using a device of my own design to look after my future Esprit (hopefully I will manage to have one one day !...), would be so rewarding and satisfying, rather than buy some off-the-shelf generic stuff I am unhappy with, from some company somewhere. But for most people, Freescan is good enough for the job, especially since it's free ! So from day one, I designed my reader to realize my dreams, rather than to try to make something I could extract money from !.... It's a bit like your tube clock for your Porsche, you do it because you want it... and not really in the hope that you might make money out of it... 3D views of the board First experiments with the graphical LCD which will be be featured in the Mk2 version of the ECU reader : a mockup of a possible start-up screen...
  10. Yeah the Dekatron is cool ! DIdn"t know about tube bargraps, love it ! Your pic looks like KITT in Knigfht Rider series ! I would love to make a tube version of my ECU reader, it's just that it would take many thousands of pounds, and a volume larger than the car itself, plus a mains socket. All this does not make it very usable sadly... Plus, I am just not sure it would even be fast enough to decode the data from the ECU and do all the other tasks at the same time. With a micro-controller it took me under 6 month from scratch to the finished prototype (I took my time, and it was my first real-life project, so let's be indulgent...). You don't have that many languages to learn to develop on MCU's. There is C, C and C ! All others are mostly for hobby use, or used marginally. Obviously I just love MCU's and C, it's so exciting to see you can do pretty much anything, that the only limitation is your imaginations and skills at C programming ! Adding a bit of tubes, marginally, as part of larger otherwise semiconductor-based project, is cool, gives a lovely retro feeling; but of course it's not realistic anymore to make the entre project out of tubes, you just can't pack enough functionnality and processing power in the required packaging (a hand-held or portable device, rather than a an air-liner hangar coupled with a nuclear power plant... )
  11. WOW ! You are officially a lot more mad than I am ! I love electronics but I have long realized that "normal" people don't give a shit of anything technical ! Maybe you have relatives more educted thanI have croseed so far in my life... luck you ! Well if you really lack inspiration, maybe you could finish my ECU reader for the Esprit !!! Started it year ago, on and off. Redesigned it from ground up last year, managed to make a decent first prototype as well as a crude ECU "simulator" to help me develop it. Had ONE occasion to test it on someone's SE last year, doesn't work fully (can read the regular chatter from the ECU, but it fails to interact with it), but can't be far off the mark ! Just needs light debugging, but that would require an actual Esprit (or at least a spare ECU on the bench...) to get the last 0.5% done ! I don't have access to this SE anymore, and even then, it was 60 miles from me so not very pratical to develop "on the battle field" ! So since you have an Esprit a home, maybe you could shake the last bugs out ! It runs with an Atmel ATmega32 MCU, if you have the required tool chain...
  12. Oh, they look great !! I just love "retro" electronics ! You would get along with Marcus, he just loooooves tubes ! I am glad to have found a fellow electronician, I feel less alone, less of an E.T. in this forum
  13. Ah ok, looks like I have been too many years out of the Esprit lists/forum ! I am glad I recently came back in the arena... to learn up to date stuff ! Back in the early 20001 or so, when I joined the US list, I don't remember seeing such a problem with gauges accuracy on the Stevens ! All I remember back then, was an accuracy problem on the fuel gauge which was due to a defective voltage regulator.... IIRC, which obviously affected the reading of the gauge. Sad to hear that the gauges are so expensive to buy or refurbish ! Though I must say, them being nothing more than a crude galvanometer, I don't really see how they could fail, at least on such a large scale that people feel it's a common issue ?! Maybe the permanent magnet is loosing strength over the years, which would indeed make it read lower than nominal (the galvanometer itself would read lower, but of course depending on the internals of the gauge, the needle may either read lower or higher) I apologize for suggesting to use a micro-controller to solve the problem, I forgot to say I am an electronic guy who just loves electronic design and is equipped accordingly.... but I should have anticipated that most people have different interests in life ! I will go and hide in the corner... But since it appears that the sensor is ok and that it's the gauge which has become weak, there is no need to rectify a properly working sensor in the first place... So putting a parallel resistor would be just fine I guess... good enough for the purpose, and simple enough as well... Still, would be fun to get a used gauge from the scrappy and open it up carefully to see if anything can be done... Exactly ! That's what I have always done with my numerous Renault 21's... because the temp gauge doesn't have numbers next to the marks of the scale ! I know exactly where the needle is supposed to sit when warm, on a working/sorted 21, as well as the two trigger points for the fans, so I just watch for any deviation from these 3 points of the scale...
  14. Well, from a purely electronics point of view, the reasoning is invalid, obviously. The only way to compensate for the sensor defects would be to measure it's curve, and get a micro-controler to compensate the deviation accurately, at every point of the scale. Then of course it would need recalibrating "regularly", to keep in sync with the sensor which obviously won't send you an e-mail to warn you when it's deviation worsens ;-) However given the very low expectations at hand, that is, mostly get "acceptable" reading at a particular point of scale (warmed-up engine) rather than accurate reading across a wide range of temperatures.. then yes it may well give satisfactory results. At any rate you have nothing to lose: just fiddle with your parallel resistor and compare with the ECU reading, until you get a result good enough to please you. However the only proper solution is obviously to replace the faulty sensor in the first place, no ? Aren't they available anymore ?! If so, it must be possible to find a suitable (enough) replacement I would think ? The ECU sensor, which is definitely avaiable, may well be the same, at least electrically.. don't know about the mechanical packaging. Adding a resistor should really be a last resort solution...
  15. As per this thread, whch is hte one just before yours (shame on you for not reading it !...) ... the servo and master cylindrer from a Toyota MR2 fit just fine... and I can't see these things cost that much money in the scrappies ! Not sure if the MR2 was marketed in the USA (they probably all had ABS anyway over there, so not much help...), but you could always import one from the UK. No idea what generation of MR2 it is though, you will have to ask him. Maybe they all had the same parts in this regards. Would be nice to make an illustrated HowTo, if you decide to do it, as I think many people might be tempted ! Personnaly I like both the S4s and early SE, but the lack of ABS on the latter is a strong point that makes me favor this model...
  16. Wow, thanks Bibs, looks much nicer now ! Jonathan, would love to get a new knee, but France is not as friendly as it used to be in the old days ! Health system definitely won't let me have a replacement part so easily, I would have to pay 100% of it and it's not in my budget ! Besides, I fear that the replacement knee would soon fail too ! The root of the problem is me being 6'6" with long legs. The only "solution" would be to shorten the legs by say 10 inches, but then I would look rather disproportioned ! I guess you can't have it all.. comfort and looks !
  17. Oh please call me Vince, I indicated my full name in my profile ! "troutrou" is an old nick name from school which I use only for setting up accounts' authentication, it's not meant to be displayed ! I don't like this nick name anymore, sounds like so many years ago ! I wish the forum had a way to hide it or at least modify it ! ... I am not sure if I was talking of you actually. As I said it was 10 years ago, in late 2000, when I subscribed to eh "turboesprit" US mailing list, the only Esprit place on the net back then. LEW didn't even exist at that time. Actually after all those years I have long forgotten the name of the chap and what kind of Esprit he had, I only remember my reaction to his project back then, but not the details... Jonathan, I have a similar cruise control as you, but it's crap, after only 20 minutes of use, it yields to severe knee ache which forces me to stop for 30 minutes then drive again for 20 minutes etc, which makes long trips take days ! That's why I am looking for a little gadget to do it for me, so I can relax my right (LHD here) knee/leg and not have to stop all the time !
  18. According to the ECU wiring in the service notes, the VSS/Vehicle Speed Sensor, is wired on pins J3C2 and J3C8 of the ECU... No idea about signal conditioning, the speed regulator module probably is designed to accept a wide range of signals. It can probably accept a wide range of amplitude and crappy looking wave shapes. But then maybe not, so best to search information on that cruise control module and the vehicle speed sensor used in the Omega... I too am very interested in this mod, please keep us posted with pics of all the bits, how it it fits in the car, your impressions on how well it works (or not)... 10 years ago when I read about a chap fitting cruise control on his Esprit in the USA, I thought "oh my god, what's next, a TV screen ? Cup holders ?", but since it was from the US, I thought well, they like cruise control and cup holders over there... But 10 years later, I must say I have changed my mind on this particular gadget. My super long legs and 6'6" make it painful to drive, and in the recent years the French government has crippled the country with speed cameras, following inspiration from you guys in the UK. So cruise control would let me stretch/relax my legs behind the pedals while allowing me to keep my driving license intact. Reality has led me to compromise and accept a little gadgetry so to speak ! No cup holders for me though, ever ! Actually I don't even understand how Lotus dared to put cigar lighters and ashtrays in the Esprit ! Brrr... Oh, I am digressing again sorry ! Just to say that I am very interested in your project, so please take lots of notes, pics and keep us posted on your progress !
  19. Well, I am like you, I am saving my pennies (well, Euros...) for an old Esprit, so I would hate to see prices go up ! However, regardless of the relations between the old and new Esprits, the simple fact that Lotus is now entering the light, or soon will be, means that the brand as a whole becomes more valuable/trendy/fashionable, and this could make any Lotus model go upward in price, old or new. Just like old Ferraris cost an arm and and leg regardless of their age or performance ! People who see that cool new Lotus Esprit thing could say "shit, I need a Lotus to look cool and trendy, but I can't afford a new one, let's take an old one, it's still a lotus, it's still an Esprit, it still looks the business and it's still fast !". So more demand on the old Epsrit... prices go up ! As I said, there are good arguments both ways, I don't see how we could be certain of the outcome... there just isn't one single scenario... I guess the only thing we can say is that prices won't be affected until the new Esprit actually hits the roads, so that leaves us with 2+ years of financial "peace"/stability...
  20. Argh... Would be interesting to put thje two models side by side, the difference can't be that important ! Maybe you can make a cover that fits both tank models....
  21. Nope ! I would really like to sleep at 10PM, but I have recently moved to a new flat/building, it's very old, zero noise insulation, so it's very noisy, there is always a noise of some sort from somewhere ! It's never 100% silent, so I can't find sleep ! Pfff... I have already applied for a new flat in a more modern/quiet building, but the procedure always takes many months or years, so I am not holding my breath...
  22. No I think the Stevens light clusters are indeed from a Toyota (a low volume "Celica" coupé IIRC ?), the Rover units were fitted to the old/Guigiaro Esprits I believe... I think your smoked lense go well with your bright red paint work, but for me, a BRG SE lover, I find that the big "blocks" of orange and red go well with the BRg color. I just love the fornt orange repeater for example. I am with you wit hthe clear lenses though ! They look way too modern compared to the car, they look completely out of place, not to mention that all the boy racer kids put these clear lenses on all their go-faster shopping trolleys !
  23. No I think there must be more : the one from the N/A and carburetted models might be different, not sure, so better to double check as I don't know these models very well ! But still, even if they were different, they aren't many left on the road compared to the numerous SE's and flat deck Esprits of all kinds....
  24. Well the one you have on your S4 is by far the most common type, so go for that one ! It was fitted on the SE starting with the "high-wing" SE in 1992, then was carried on on all 4 pots Esprits, S4, S4s, GT3, The S300 one might be specific though, because of the larger cooler, but the S300 is a niche market anyway, so not significant in your market research so to speak. I think it can even be retro-fitted to the older SE's if you change the boot lid to match of course... Some people do like to retro-fit the flat deck on their early SE, so they will need the matching engine cover, hence might be interested in your product
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