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  1. Well you would think a true enthusiast would research the value of the car they are selling, perhaps these cars need a few k spending on them to reach their true value, true bargains are once in a blue moon, i live on the classifieds searching for that unicorn bargain car, and here i am still whiling away the hour's.
  2. 2013 Matte black Evora s on pistonheads classifieds for £29,950, no doubt somebody on here will know it.
  3. I know but there are 3 brand new ones on Autotrader private sales, physical cars no mileage, 5k over market value but already reduced by 5k over the past week, but not bad considering only 400 being built this year.
  4. I've been looking for about 12 months now for an Evora, also considering the new Toyota GR 86 at about the same price 30k ish, i think they would be equally as much fun.
  5. 25 k now for that lovely looking burnt orange evora in classifieds, failed to reach reserve on collecting cars too, why is this hanging around surely not the mileage or colour.
  6. A nice aquamarine 2010 evora just surfaced on pistonheads £27,750, looks like winter may just throw up a few bargains if its not been previously advertised, im going to have to pull my finger out.
  7. Its 2006 Si convertible, 66000 miles, the 265 bhp version.
  8. Cheers Barry, no i totally appreciate that coming from a long line of tvr's, being as it will be my daily reliability will be key, still need to test drive one yet to get a good feel for one.
  9. Ive been searching daily for the last few months to purchase as a fun daily for around 30k ish to replace my Z4 si but few and far between really, id imagine most are seldom used just like my vx 220 turbo, hoping over winter that special one will appear just a case of being very patient.
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