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  1. Technically you do not meet the regulation, or you won't pass the visual, but maybe you can pass the sniffer & if the shop doesn't check the tag on the cat, you're ok. Alan
  2. I just saw this post's a few video clips of what you should expect... With side exit exhaust (dual tip on each side, but it sounds very similar with single tip on each side) Dyno (first car has center exit, 2nd car has side exit)
  3. Yesterday I was driving on the FWY and all of sudden my head unit stopped working, I had the music on, loud, and it just died. So I started from the fuse in the front bay, changed the 10amp fuse, didn't help, then I pulled the head unit (Alpine CDE-9870) and replaced the mini 10amp fuse in the back of the head unit, didn't work. I inspected the connector & wires and they appear to be in good condition. I don't think that's the problem. Since I have a similar head unit in my TL (Alpine CDE-9872), I pulled the one in the TL & put the 9870 in the TL, it worked...damn, so I put the 9872 from the TL into the 98 V8, and it worked...great...I then swapped them back, and the 9870 started working in the Lotus as well, but only for a while, after I messed with all the set-up (setting the time) I pulled the key & hooked up my battery tender waterproof (not sure if this has anything to do with it) because I had the door opened while working on it. Just before I call it the day thinking I got it fixed I wanted to check & see if it works in the Lotus just to make sure, and it does not turn on, I swapped the head units again, and now both don't work in the Lotus, but they both worked fine in the TL. I tried the reset button, didn't help either. I'm not sure what the problem is now, can someone help me? Many Thanks...
  4. Man...I hate you guys... If only I live in UK...I'll pay even $300 for this...sigh...guess I can only enjoy this at my home:
  5. Steve, If emission testing & noise is not an issue...just remove your stock cats & hollow them out. You'll get the most power out of it & it's free.
  6. Jon, This happened to me not too long ago. Check and see if the stud simply fell off or it broke. In my case the stud fell off so I just got a machine screw & put it in with washers on both sides & it solved the problem. Alan
  7. Hi Jon, The rattling came from the exhaust manifold heat shields, and I don't think it's wise to run your car without those. You can check & see if your exhaust guy can weld it but it is very very difficult to get to the heat shields while they're in the car. It may be difficult for them to try and weld it. Alan
  8. Wayne, Thank you for the info. That looks like the problem. Let us know what your "testing" results are!!! Alan
  9. That's me! With my new business I may be visiting Shenzhen/HK quite often now. Drop me a PM next time you're visiting HK/Shenzhen and perhaps we can all meet up with the HK guys. Alan
  10. Dear LEF HK members, I'll be on a business trip to Shenzhen from 8/31 - 9/8. I will probably also spend about 1-2 days in HK since I need to visit Central to take care of some business. I'm wondering if I can catch up with some of the HK Esprit guys. Please shoot me an email at if you would like to get together. Thank you. Regards, Alan Tseng
  11. Thanks guys...I'm beating myself now that I got busy and didn't know about this until now. I guess I missed the deadline but I'll try to get that. Thanks. Alan
  12. Those of you that owns 88-99 Esprits and upgraded to the rounded tail lights. I am looking for the driver side Toyota tail lights. If you must sell them in pairs I'll take them too. I can take them with light scratches but no crack please. Thanks. Alan
  13. Yes, he is located in Orange County, but I believe he is the service manager for the whole US. He may have a spare ECU so you can test them on your car.
  14.'s getting complicated...anyhow, you can also try to contact David Simkin, the service manager at Lotus & see what his input is. Alan
  15. Francisco, Are they charging you for locating the problem? That could add up pretty quickly. Anyhow, I suggest that you try to find a 97 or 98 locally & swap the ECU to see if you're making boost. Alan
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