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  1. Where did you sell it? I haven't seen anything on the market for less than £60k for a while. This is what I'm looking at. It's Approved Used which generally adds £1k Dealer says it was a daily commuter for a Surrey high-flyer and the readouts (unseen by me as yet) confirm it wasn't ragged.
  2. Thanks Justin. The dealer has said the ECU shows no signs of tracking or hard launches. What sort of mileage does a clutch manage on a stock 350?
  3. Hi forumistas, I've got my eye on a 2018 350 with over 24k miles on the clock. I haven't seen any with this many miles on so it's difficult to benchmark the £50k asking price. What sort of issues and common wear items should I look out for, or be prepared to repair/replace in the near future?
  4. It certainly is! It's a beauty. May I ask why did you let it go?
  5. Good to read about the history of this fantastic car, thank you. It is absolutely mint and for a collector would undoubtedly be the jewel in the collection. As a side note, my local dealer has stopped responding to my calls since I posted my comment on here, so I might have to go further afield to find a dealer that will take my money. Shame, as they currently have a lovely looking red 350 that ticks all my boxes.
  6. As someone who had to sell the motorbike to keep the other half happy, and has tried to emulate the biker experience ever since, these are pros rather than cons!
  7. Hi Jcx, I'm really keen to hear your views as this is where I've struggled to crystallise the real differences between 350, 380 and 410, drawing from forum posts and YT videos. What does the extra £10k-£20k for a 410 buy that I can't simply achieve from buying a 350 + adding 3-way Nitrons? On aesthetics I can make my own judgement (and yes it is nicer, but not £10k+ nicer) but what would the 410 offer in terms of feel, enjoyment and overall experience that I couldn't achieve from a 350? Are there major mechanical differences that mean the 350 is a substantially inferior car? Thanks in advance
  8. I've been through a similar journey of discovery. M4: too leery and BMW steering is just dreadful. No feel whatsoever. 718 Cayman GTS (2.5 with PDK): great car but too refined and lacked real thrill. Sold it back to Porsche last year for a tidy profit 🙂 Elise: tested a 220 and it had the fun factor but I think I prefer the V6 and the more aggressive looks of the Exige Exige: tested a 410 a few weeks ago and it was perfection. The only question remains: which one? I'm tempted to start with a 350 (with a bold colour of course!) and pop some Nitrons on... I expect that'll be more than enough for mostly road use.
  9. It's a good observation and one I agree with. I've said to my local Henry in Exeter that I will buy one, but most likely next year after the economy and used car market have settled down a bit. Feel free to send me some details if you do end up deciding to sell yours.
  10. Ha - just jumping ahead to see whether there will be a dip in the market before going in on an Exige 350. Not yet, but I feel it coming. My dad passed away on 11/11 so perhaps it's a sign of his approval of me selling the Cayman and picking up an Exige... Thanks for the welcome - I posted an introductory message and question yesterday. I'm in Exeter myself... glad to see the SW has some representation 😀
  11. I drove this car a couple of weeks ago and whilst it is beautiful, it's not worth the premium imho. It's "just" a 410 with a unique livery. I said to the salesman it was such a lovely specimen I would be reluctant to actually drive the thing for fear of damaging it. Appears it's dropped by £3k since originally listed.
  12. Thanks all, I haven't been looking for long so I've only had a small sample size to assess. I'm reassured enough to book in for a test drive. Is that AIM dash a factory fitted one for the 70th anniversary edition? I've not seen it before.
  13. Hi all, new to the forum. My name's Mike and I'm based in the South West. I sold my motorbike after 10 years of incident-free riding, after a near-miss with a numpty in a car overtaking on a blind bend caused me to rethink. I bought a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS to try and fill the gap, but whilst it was a great car it was a bit too... insulated and comfortable. So I sold it back to Porsche for a small profit earlier this year. And so the search goes on. After testing an Elise Sport 220 and an Exige 410 I think the 350 Sport will be the perfect middle ground of B-road usability and raw fun that I can also take on track. I've shortlisted THIS ONE, but my concern is 3 owners in 3 years... Is this a sign of it being a dud? As it's a relatively rare 70th anniversary special edition its provenance might even be known to the forum? Thanks in advance, and hopefully I'll be in a position to meet up on a drive out with you shortly.
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