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  1. I think so too. Yes, I spent another nice day at Goodwood. Unfortunately there were only two other Esprits present. Mark
  2. 100 points for the candidate! Yup. The car is in pieces in a garage in Lille. I still have not decided a colour yet but the dark blue on the picture I sent previously I liked a lot. I wonder if the car would be worth more when resprayed in an original Lotus colour.
  3. I found 3 "Midnight blue" in the register: 1 Midnight blue A51 2 Midnight blue B11 3 Midnight blue met B42 You know which on it is? Cheers
  4. Hi all, can you tell me what this colour is called( colour code )?? I saw this Esprit in Donington: Thanks for advice.
  5. Chaps, I followed your thread with great interest. I
  6. James, Congrats! the dashboard lights are easy to fix. Take the binacle off ( two srews on the inside ) and pull out the bulb with socket from the dial pods. They sit quite tight. It
  7. Dave, I bought the whole set of shims a while ago and they are indeed very, very expensive ( think I paid 50 quid or so ). It
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