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  1. I think so too. Yes, I spent another nice day at Goodwood. Unfortunately there were only two other Esprits present. Mark
  2. 100 points for the candidate! Yup. The car is in pieces in a garage in Lille. I still have not decided a colour yet but the dark blue on the picture I sent previously I liked a lot. I wonder if the car would be worth more when resprayed in an original Lotus colour.
  3. I found 3 "Midnight blue" in the register: 1 Midnight blue A51 2 Midnight blue B11 3 Midnight blue met B42 You know which on it is? Cheers
  4. Hi all, can you tell me what this colour is called( colour code )?? I saw this Esprit in Donington: Thanks for advice.
  5. Chaps, I followed your thread with great interest. I
  6. James, Congrats! the dashboard lights are easy to fix. Take the binacle off ( two srews on the inside ) and pull out the bulb with socket from the dial pods. They sit quite tight. It
  7. Dave, I bought the whole set of shims a while ago and they are indeed very, very expensive ( think I paid 50 quid or so ). It
  8. Hi P unsure on the co2 in the plumbing but are you saying you have changed the hosing to the map sensor? usually the white smoke is only given from the exhaust when accelorating if the head gasket is failing. unless it is completely gone but it wouldnt run for many seconds after the white smoke. any oil in the header/expansion tanks? or white slimey deposits? Dave, the hose was disconnected. I had the boost gauge wired in the wrong way for a while. But now it
  9. >V8 seats / removal of runners< If I remove the runners on the V8 seats there is a suspension frame for the extra seat cushion underneath. I think it will be in the way when mounting the seat dirctly to the floor. Does it have to be cut off? ( Does the SE seat have the extra cushion?) P
  10. Dave, I have a manual boost gauge which I think is correct. It
  11. Chaps, need some input here: My turbo keeps overboosting. My gauge shows 1,5bar and way over. I am currently driving with unplugged boost solenoid in order not to harm the engine until this problem is sorted. Here is what I
  12. OK guys, if you wanted to get away from the lights quickly there is no other way than to abuse the car -sorry but that
  13. Chaps, thanks for your replies! Took the seats out and took the washers off. Also got rid of two srews underneath the runners which don
  14. Hi all, I want to give it a try and lower my V8 seats. Not quite sure how to approach this. Anyone done this before? I wonder if there
  15. Rick2005

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    on Supercar Sunday:
  16. Rick2005

    Just Looking

    Welcome to the forum! I very much appreciate your idea to buy a DeLorean - stunning looking car! Always wanted one ( but you cannot have it all! ). But are you sure they are less troublesome than the Esprits?? Spare parts are not that easy to get. And just in case you go for one - sorry - but if you paint it you will indeed be shot by your colleagues ! Here they are, beamed down from the Enterprise ( oups! -wrong movie ) P
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