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  1. Old topic, new question. I try to update the maps of my 920R but the website (AND the Naviextras app) don't offer a "buy" button. I can select a map, but there is no button for a further action. So, can't update the maps whch are 8 years old. Well, not exactly. In fact while updating the software, maps were deleted. My GPS doesn't work anymore. Thank you for your help !
  2. Not too far from @Bruss, winter in Bordeaux. But otherwise in the Limousin region, with its perfect and twisty roads.
  3. Raising seat ? While driving, after 10-15 km, I felt my head was in a strange position, not a comfy one. Therefore, raising the seat. It works. I use spacers less than 1mm thick, and now (next drive is saturday, 500 km), I will carefuly adjust front and rear accordingly by remonving 2 or 3 spacers. There is largely enough headroom. For your information, I am 1,75m, so just average. On the exhaust side, I am not sure yet. I like the sound, of course. But I am not too found of telling my neighbours "Hey why do you sleep !" everytime I start the car. And I surely can't feel the 1 or 2 HP that exhaust brings to the already excellent engine. I'l see that in a few weeks. And for the "More Pics" question, I don't have much yet. This one, but seats are much better looking now that I gave the leather some good care. Love the seats, too.
  4. Hello everybody. I was chasing a "nice" car. And, like everybody and his neighbour, looked at a 911. But felt bored quickly, looking at the ads, reading tech forums (what about the IMS ?, what option ?). And then, a revelation: The Evora was in the same league, very nice looking and I haven't seen any for years. Searched the net, found TLF and a lot of information. Good information. A lot of it. Found an S, tryied it (snowy december roads, so vera carefully) just to undestand how the car would fit around me. It did. Son now I am a fresh and proud owner of a grey Evora S IPS Sportracer (black seats). Still learning the car, wondering where that buttons stays, but every km (or mile for you brits) I fell more and more that the Evora is my car, for real. Previous owner equipped the car with a Komotec exhaust, which I feel a bit loud. Maybe I will put the original one back. And I raised the driver seat by 1,5cm. (and yes, infotainment is crap). Thank you guys: without TLF, I could be in a Cayman now !
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