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  1. oneshot


    I bought myself one of these: These are the kegs that go into it: Each keg holds 6 litres. The beer is kept at a constant 3 degrees and stays fresh for 30 days. No CO2 cartridges or anything else. Simply load the keg and then pour the beer. There are currently over 30 different types of beer mainly premium European beers (Belgian, German etc).
  2. I have it from a reliable source that the car was able to move under it's own power. Whether it had the full drivetrain or simply a cut down version to move it I don't know.
  3. Let's just say that the Aston doesn't fair very well in comparison.
  4. Had a bit of company yesterday
  5. There was something tasty going round the track on Friday that may well fit the bill
  6. Drove through a Sainsbury's car park yesterday (long story) in Thetford and a guy stood there and as I went past said "Nice" in an appreciative voice.
  7. Did mine back in 1992. Had one lesson with an instructor then took the advanced test - passed with no problems.
  8. oneshot


    Say hello to Adsepsl Flint Fire (known as Flint!) a 12 week old Maine Coon kitten.
  9. oneshot


    Our local reindeer farm (apparently the largest in the UK) were selling "Reindeer Piddle" which was surprisingly nice.
  10. oneshot


    Had a VOIP phone for a couple of years now and we are on 30Mbps connection. I use Voipfone ( I pay £2.40 per month for my geographic number and am on auto top up for the call allowance. Don't make a lot of calls but do call my sister-in-law in Germany. £10 normally lasts about 3 months.
  11. I started life working for a telecoms company working on the public exchanges - chances are if you've made a call you've used my software. I then went into higher education for 28 years as an associate professor until I retired. I now run a cattery with my wife.
  12. oneshot

    The 65th of 64?

    Not necessarily - my Sport 350 is number 45 but only 42 were made for the domestic market. Some numbers weren't used (e.g. 13).
  13. Hmm Maybe I should have pointed out it is in the day car!!
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