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  1. Did mine back in 1992. Had one lesson with an instructor then took the advanced test - passed with no problems.
  2. oneshot


    Say hello to Adsepsl Flint Fire (known as Flint!) a 12 week old Maine Coon kitten.
  3. oneshot


    Our local reindeer farm (apparently the largest in the UK) were selling "Reindeer Piddle" which was surprisingly nice.
  4. oneshot


    Had a VOIP phone for a couple of years now and we are on 30Mbps connection. I use Voipfone ( I pay £2.40 per month for my geographic number and am on auto top up for the call allowance. Don't make a lot of calls but do call my sister-in-law in Germany. £10 normally lasts about 3 months.
  5. I started life working for a telecoms company working on the public exchanges - chances are if you've made a call you've used my software. I then went into higher education for 28 years as an associate professor until I retired. I now run a cattery with my wife.
  6. oneshot

    The 65th of 64?

    Not necessarily - my Sport 350 is number 45 but only 42 were made for the domestic market. Some numbers weren't used (e.g. 13).
  7. Hmm Maybe I should have pointed out it is in the day car!!
  8. I can watch TV on my ICE in my car - standard equipment. The only requirement is that the driver must not be able to see it whilst on the move. It has a very clever screen that displays different things depending on the angle you are viewing. So the passenger can see the TV while the driver is seeing the satnav. When stationary the screen allows the driver to view the TV. Once above 5mph it switches to the dual mode.
  9. All done That photo was some weeks ago. Just a few finishing things to do i.e. leading the joint between the conservatory and the house. Also having a new glass roof in part of the conservatory that is currently tiled. We will find out what sort of job we have done on Friday !
  10. A quick calculation worked out that we had 11,000 tiles on the roofs. We have four at normal level and two at lower level. A further calculation worked out that on the main part of the house (the bit in the picture) there were 4 tonnes of tiles. There were 11 tonnes in total.
  11. So what do you get up to when you retire? Here is what I have been doing. Yep - reroofing the house. It was an old lath and plaster (minus the plaster) roof so needed doing. Also repointed chimneys while we were up there. You get a good view from up there: North East South West
  12. There is an ECU diagnostic connector behind the glove box (to connect diagnostic tools) as well as one next to the battery in the boot. I think the other connector is the ABS diagnostic port.
  13. Here's mine in the garage with a couple of stable mates! I know it's dusty!!!
  14. We have a pool but ours is indoors in our conservatory so can use it even if it's raining. They don't cost as much as you think to run - ours is heated to 31.5degreesC using an air source heat pump.
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