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  1. Seems we haven't cracked this electricity generation malarkey. So when it goes above 25C solar panels aren't very effective Hydro power down due to water shortages Nuclear generation restricted due to using water for cooling. As we import electricity quite often - the problems in Europe are also going to affect us.
  2. Last month was £567 😮 - that was for electricity only - admittedly that is both the house and the cattery. The cattery buildings are quite large and have air conditioning which is on 24/7 to provide heating/cooling as necessary. Also have an air source heat pump for heating the water in the swimming pool 😎 We are on a business tariff, so pay VAT at 20% although we get the house portion of usage at 5%. The tariff is a typical business tariff with split daytime and evenings/weekends tariff.
  3. We do - Birmingham gets its water from Wales (Elan Valley). Indeed they built some new pipes recently so that the old Victorian ones could be repaired. I had a student quantity surveyor working on the project.
  4. Think this is appropriate!
  5. oneshot


    I had to take a guest to the vets - she was on medication but the vet said the best thing was to put her to sleep. After the vet had a conversation with the owner's son they agreed to put her to sleep. I was there and held her while the vet administered the injection. When the owner returned she was not totally surprised but still upset. She came at the weekend to thank us and to say that she really appreciated the fact that someone was with her as she went over the rainbow bridge.
  6. No you can't use that word any more!
  7. My Evoque reads the road signs (and overhead motorway signs) and you can set a warning at 5mph/10mph or 15mph over the limit or turn the warning off.
  8. Except BA Heathrow staff are going on strike.
  9. Train drivers are not on strike. Over 90% of them are in ASLEF which is not striking. This is all the other rail workers - maintenance, station staff etc.
  10. Here's mine Evoque first edition. Has some quite nifty headlights - LED which when put into auto mode don't just change between dip and main beam but adjust the beam pattern to avoid dazzling oncoming cars or cars you are following. So you have main beam to the sides but dipped straight in front.
  11. No you don't get the plate that is currently on the car unless you put it on retention.
  12. Ketteringham Hall you say..... and someone mentioned the tearoom....
  13. oneshot

    The Queen

    You don't get tickets to a garden party - you have to be invited.
  14. oneshot

    The Queen

    As we are approaching the Queen's Jubilee celebrations I thought we ought to have a thread about encounters with royalty. I'll start with having met the Queen twice - once at Windsor and once at Buckingham Palace at a garden party.
  15. watched Game of Thrones
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