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  1. Hmm So the national grid can cope with lots of BEV charging? This is currently powering our house and cattery and has been doing so since Sunday
  2. Tis indeed my car taken on the car park of the Pondarosa Cafe in December 2008 as Bibs said for a magazine shoot.
  3. oneshot


    This is our boy Flint - just over 1 year old.
  4. We have an air source heat pump that heats our swimming pool. Keeps the water at a nice 31.5 degrees. Doesn't cost a fantastic amount to run. Has an automatic defrost cycle so just turn it on and leave it. It also controls the pool pump so turns the pump off when the desired temperature is reached. Then turns it on once an hour to check the water temp.
  5. We don't have any neighbours
  6. Modern Classics magazine have an edition out now with my Sport 350 featured alongside a TVR Tuscan and Aston Martin DB7. They have the following prices quoted for the Esprit Sport 350: Concours - £65,000 Good - £60,000 Usable - £55,000
  7. We were let in there by the Head of PR for Lotus - part of a magazine photo shoot.
  8. Did someone say Ketteringham Hall??????
  9. Some people may be interested in this
  10. oneshot


    I bought myself one of these: These are the kegs that go into it: Each keg holds 6 litres. The beer is kept at a constant 3 degrees and stays fresh for 30 days. No CO2 cartridges or anything else. Simply load the keg and then pour the beer. There are currently over 30 different types of beer mainly premium European beers (Belgian, German etc).
  11. I have it from a reliable source that the car was able to move under it's own power. Whether it had the full drivetrain or simply a cut down version to move it I don't know.
  12. Let's just say that the Aston doesn't fair very well in comparison.
  13. Had a bit of company yesterday
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